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Akira Expanded Font

About Akira Expanded Font

A sans serif style with a bold and dynamic style, Akira Expanded Font. The creative foundry known as Typologic is responsible for this contemporary typeface.  The free version can be found here.

More than 100 powerful curves and geometric shapes combine the characters. Letters in this font are elegant and useful.

For official applications and designs with a sophisticated feel, this appealing and bold typeface works well. Due to the font’s remarkable and fascinating appearance, the creator of this typeface gained huge recognition throughout the entire globe.

The premium version of this typeface comes in three weights: super bold, outline, and light. This lovely typeface is frequently chosen by designers to create beautiful designs that are appropriate for adding an exceptional touch to their work. This iconic font style is ideal for pairing with the very beautiful straight Outta Compton font.


For official purposes, this lovely typeface works best in many businesses and institutions. The sans serif design is appropriate for animation logos, logos for cartoon movies, logos for films, etc.

This contemporary typeface can be used for the headlines of websites, television shows, and printed materials.

The lovely typeface has a fantastic appearance that works well for various creative applications. This elegant typeface works well for research and documentation.

Utilize this typeface while creating posters and images in design programs including Canva and Adobe Illustrator. The typeface is frequently used by web designers for their thumbnail designs and various website layouts.

Akira Expanded Font View

blankAkira Expanded Font View

Font Information

Name Akira Expanded Font
Designer Typologic
Style Sans Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Akira Expanded Bold
  • Akira Expanded Light
  • Akira Expanded Outline

Fonts Similar to Akira Expanded Font

Avenir Font

The text style is interesting because it allows you to present more elegant and lovely projects. Interesting ideas, books, company names, and logos can all be made using this typeface.

FS Dillon Bold Font

The text works well as a fashionable text on every background image as well as for marketing activities, home furnishing plans, item bundling, and product bundling.

Some other notable Fonts look similar to the Akira Expanded Font.

  • Mundo Sans Font
  • FF Kievit Font
  • FTN Bruhn Sans Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Knockout Font.

Other Fonts

  • ITC Adderville Font

License Information

You must buy the license for this font, in order to use it for commercial purposes. When you have paid for it, you can use the typeface wherever you like.


Is Akira expanded font free?

For private purposes, you can use this style free of cost but for commercial use, you have to buy its permit.

What kind of font is Akira Expanded Typeface?

It is a sans serif typeface that was formed by the Typologic. More than 100 powerful curves and geometric shapes combine the characters.

What font is closest to Akira Expanded Font?

Several typefaces have a similar appearance to this lettering style but the Gill Sans Font is the alternative to the style.

Can I use the online generator tool of Akira Expanded Typeface?

Yes, you can use its online generator tool to make your projects more beautiful and stunning.


You may get a free trial of this typeface here, which is accessible for noncommercial use. Simply click the download button below to start the process.


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