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Arab Becker Brushstroke Font

About Arab Becker Brushstroke Font

The Arab Becker Brushstroke Font is a wonderful piece of handcrafted typeface that is sure to bring elegance to any artwork it is used in. This typeface is a script typeface that has been published by URW++. This typeface contains a total of 292 characters available. This beloved font has been crafted with the utmost care and precision, with each letter and line bringing its own special touch to your project.

The handwriting of the font radiates softness, which makes it perfect for designing beautifully textured masterpieces. This Arab Becker brushstroke typeface is designed to portray a range of different emotions, as it can be used for anything from light and whimsical pieces to more serious and symbolic works.

This typeface is not available on google font library you can easily free download it from our website or use this typeface without installing simply use the online generator tools and copy and paste into your projects.


In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the Arab Becker Brushstroke typeface is also incredibly easy to use. It is available in a wide variety of formats, making it accessible to any artist regardless of their level of experience.

The flexibility of this font helps to ensure that whatever mood you are trying to convey in your artwork, you can do so successfully. There is nothing quite like seeing a design come to life by using the Arab Becker Brushstroke texture, as the detail and delicacy of each stroke will make any artwork stand out from the rest.

Furthermore, this typeface is perfect for designing any type of project from logos to poster designing. Is suitable for use in print, web, or also for digital media design. This typeface has been designed for a variety of your projects from Print material to desktop publishing. And it’s more versatile in working on color backgrounds.

Arab Becker Brushstroke Font View

Arab Becker Brushstroke Font Arab Becker Brushstroke Font

Font Information

Name Arab Becker Brushstroke Font
Designer URW++
Style Script
License Free for personal.

Font Family

  • Arab Becker Brushstroke Regular
  • Arab Becker Brushstroke Bold
  • Arab Becker Brushstroke Italic
  • Arab Becker Brushstroke Thin
  • Arab Becker Brushstroke Extra Bold

Fonts Similar to Arab Becker Brushstroke Font

Kennebunkport font

Kennebunkport font is a script typeface that has been designed by Iconian Fonts. This font family contains 15 different styles available and this typeface downloaded 3066 times.

Em Regular Font

EM Regular font is a serif typeface family that has been designed by Robbie De Villiers and published this typeface by Wilton Foundry. This font family contains four different styles available and includes 249 characters.

Some other notable fonts that look similar to Arab Becker Brushstroke Font

  • KTF-Roadstar Font
  • Bubblegum Sans Regular Font
  • OPTIAction-Brush Font
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Font Pairings

Brandon Grotesque font is a pairing font with Arab Becker Brushstroke font.

Other Fonts

  • Lato font
  • Roboto font

License Information

If you can use this typeface for a personal project so freely download it but for promotional or commercial projects so contact the author first.


What is the Arab Becker Brushstroke font?

This typeface is a script typeface that has been published by URW++. This typeface contains a total of 292 characters available.

What font goes well with Arab Becker Brushstroke font?

Brandon Grotesque font, lato font, and Roboto font is a font that goes well with the Arab this typeface.

Is Arab Becker Brushstroke font a Google font?

No, it’s not a google typeface it’s not available on google font library. You can easily download it from our website.

What is a similar typeface to the Arab Becker Brushstroke?

Looking at these characters’ styling so there are many typefaces that are closest to this typeface such as Kennebunkport font, and EM Regular font.

Is Arab Becker Brushstroke a free typeface?


Simply Click the below download button and install this typeface on your PC, Mac, or any of your devices and enjoy it.


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