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In this article, we are going to share with you a very famous font known as Arial Font. This font style is under the category of sans serif typeface family with neo-grotesque style and set in computer fonts. You can get its free version from this website.

Microsoft Windows has all the versions of this typeface family from windows 3.1. This typeface was developed by two notable typographic designers known Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders and published by Monotype corporation in 1982.

It consists of many weights and styles such as Regular, Italic, Bold Italic, Narrow, Narrow Italic, Extra Bold Italic, Light, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Light Italic, Black, Black Italic, Extra Bold, and many more.

The width of this typeface character is the same and the reason for this font setup is to give access to a document created in Helvetica to be printed and displayed with the page breaks and line breaks without permission from the Helvetica license.


Due to its neat and eye-catching texture look appearance, you can utilize it for making newspapers, magazines, logo designs, posters, banners, and much more projects. It is mostly used in huge levels of companies.

The online generator tool of this typeface will help you to convert all your simple characters into stylish projects. You can also use this font for copy-and-paste procedures. It is suitable for Body texts,  Advertisements, Banners, Headings, Designs, Products, Projects, card designs, and printings.

In addition, you can also utilize it in multiple software, like adobe photoshops, illustrator, cdn, canva, and coral draw. It is the perfect choice for your projects.

Arial Font View

Arial Font View

Arial Font View

Font Information

Name Arial Font
Designer Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders
Style Sans-Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Arial Light Italic
  • Arial Regular
  • Arial Italic
  • Arial Medium
  • Arial Medium Italic
  • Arial Bold
  • Arial Bold Italic
  • Arial Extra Bold
  • Arial Extra Bold Italic
  • Arial Black
  • Arial Black Italic
  • Arial Condensed Light

Fonts Similar to Arial Font

A similar font of this typeface is available in this section. You can easily download it free from here for all your secret purposes.

Bergen Text Font

The Bergen Text font was created by the Monotype corporation. It is under the category of the serif typeface family.

Bergen Text Font

RNS Sisma Font

This outstanding typeface consists of seven different types of weights. You can utilize it for making social media posts, banners, advertisements, and many more.

RNS Sisma Font

Enrique Sans Font

The Enrique Sans Font is pure, attractive, and slightly typeface. It included three weights and supports many international languages.

Enrique Sans Font

Vengeance Font

It is an attractive sans-serif typeface and is perfect for logo designs, headlines, packing projects, web designs, and many more.

Vengeance Font

Some more alternative fonts of this typeface are available in the below section.

  • Calibri Font
  • Cartogothic Font
  • Collaborate Font
  • Deja Vu Font
  • Gandhi Font
  • Humanist Font
  • Myriad Pro Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Oliviar Font: The Oliviar typeface is under the category of the sans serif typeface family and was inspired by Geometrical fonts.

Pairing it with Groteska Font: This amazing font is the perfect choice for pairing with the Groteska font. It can be used for different projects such as logo designs, posters, banners, and many more.

With Arthura Font: It is a unique sans serif font and is similar to this font but has a more regular feel. It has outstanding pairing quality.

With Proda Sans Font: This attractive style is suitable for making an excellent and stylish shape. You can combine these two fonts for multiple purposes.

Some of the other fonts with the best pairing are:-

  • Lato Font
  • Helvetica Font
  • Product Font
  • Futura Font
  • Raleway Font

License Information

If you want to use this tremendous font for your commercial tasks, then you will have to buy its license from the owner of this typeface. However, this typeface is free for personal use.


What type of font is Arial?

This font is under the category of the sans serif typeface family with a neo-grotesque style and is set in computer fonts.

Why is Arial font so popular?

his typeface was developed by two notable typographic designers known Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders

Is Arial similar to Helvetica?

Yes! The Arial typeface is similar to the Helvetica texture. It will work well when you will use these two fonts together in your projects.

Is Arial good font?

Yes! This typeface is a good font and perfect for different designs and projects. You can utilize it for making social media posts, banners, and many more.

Is Arial a free font?

Yes! This unique font is completely free for all your private procedures, but for commercial or business methods, you must have to purchase its full version from the owner of this site.

What is special about Arial font?

It is a unique sans serif style, that includes various characters of alphabet set, such as uppercase letters, numeric, symbols, and many other unique structures.

What font is Arial based on?

This attractive typeface is based on the Monotype Grotesque. It has a stunning texture look impression for visitors.

Why is Arial the best font?

The Arial font is a famous texture all around the world, due to its professional and rounded characters. It is also been utilizing as a Microsoft core font.

Is Helvetica Just Arial?

The design of the characters of this font is much more rounded and softer texture appearance than the Helvetica Font.


You should try this typeface in your projects. If you want to download it free then just press the below button and get its zip file on your PC or Mac.


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