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Arial Rounded Mt Font

About Arial Rounded Mt Font

Arila Rounded MT Font is a member of the Arial Mt Font, the largest sans-serif font family. Robin Nicholas is the designer of this product, more than one million people use this font, which is listed in Google Fonts as a top font and you can easily download its free version from this website.

Using the font generator tool, you can create this lettering style. You shouldn’t hesitate to choose this text style if you need a font that works on all devices.

The design is clean and modern, the layout is very elastic. Try it out in your next project. Small sizes are easily read with their wide characters and large x-heights.

It makes the characters fit better on a screen since they are slightly condensed. It has many similar fonts are available on this unique site, but the best similar font to this texture is fink heavy font. It has an online font generator that can help you create interesting characters.

It is one of the most popular retro fonts and is used as the body text font on many websites. Because this font is specifically designed to work on the web. It can be used on any website. Print designs, such as publications, books, and reporters can also get benefit from this font.


Several stunning designs have been created with this typeface by designers over the years. The typeface can be used for digital as well as print projects. Adding more to your design is easy by pairing this typeface with other styles.

A wide range of uses can be achieved with it, including news, journals, promotion, artworks, advertisements, book covers, social media posts, visiting cards, presentations, leaflet layouts, T-shirt designs, and patterns for websites.

You can mix this font with the titanic font. The letters will be the same after being introduced in your system, either for seeing or for printing. you’ll check the typography of all the letters underneath or take the test online sometime recently downloading the typeface.

Arial Rounded Mt Font View

Arial Rounded Mt Font ViewArial Rounded Mt Font View

Font Information

Name Arial Rounded MtĀ Font
Designer Robin Nicholas
Style Rounded
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Arial MT Extra Bold
  • Arial MT Light
  • Arial MT Medium
  • Arial MT Extra Bold Italic
  • Arial MT Light Italic
  • Arial MT Medium Italic
  • Arial MT Black Italic
  • Arial MT Italic
  • Arial MT Bold
  • Arial MT Bold Italic
  • Arial MT Narrow Regular
  • Arial Rounded MT Regular
  • Arial Rounded MT Bold Regular
  • Arial MT Narrow Italic
  • ArialMT Regular
  • Arial MT Black Regular
  • Arial Rounded MT Light
  • Arial MT Narrow Bold
  • Arial MT Narrow Bold Italic
  • Arial Rounded MT ExtraBold

Fonts Similar to Arial Rounded Mt Font

Syabil Font

Syabil, which is extremely close to an Arial typeface, belongs to the naturalistic genre. This clean-looking, scalable, screen- and print-compatible substitute to Arial Black is designed with these goals in mind. The typeface has a substantial family. Whether you’re seeking fonts that seem like an Arial strong style, Syabil is a great substitute.

Oliviar Font

A gorgeous gory typeface like Helvetica and Arial is called Oliviar. ly is modeled after humanistic sans serifs, just like the structure of an Arial font. There are several thicknesses in the packet, between light to bold. It’s a suitable replacement for Arial Black and Arial Bold. It is ideal for each of the tasks as well as enables many foreign dialects.

Groteska Font

Sleek and uncluttered, Groteska is a sans serif typeface. It is a more subdued variation of an Arial font family. Seven distinct strengths in both regular and italic versions make up the font rendering total of 14 various types. The typeface is appropriate for applications ranging from advertising to content design and also has wide language instruction.

Arthura Font

sans serif typeface that is humanitarian the geometrical characteristics of Arthura are simple. Idealist aesthetics are present in beautiful fonts like Arial and Arthura. There seems to be a faint contrast in the very stunning black design. A font is a fantastic option for projects like marketing, promotions, publishing, or the internet.

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to Arial Rounded Mt Font;

Font Pairings

You can pair this font with Barton Font and make new attractive projects.

Other Fonts

  • RNS Sanz Font
  • RNS Sisma Font

License Information

If users desire to utilize it for business purposes, the ideal spot to get its license is via the founder’s webpage. Therefore, it is utilized informally, there isn’t a license restriction. Web developers frequently have used this font under the license provided.


Can I use Arial Rounded Mt Font in Canva?

Canva supports the Arial Rounded Mt typeface. Both in print and online, this typeface is an excellent choice for headlines, posters, logos, and body text.

Is Arial Rounded Mt Font easy to read?

There is no doubt that the typeface is easy to read. Typefaces with a large x-height are highly readable.

How to Install Arial Rounded Mt Font on Mac or PC?

You can check out our Font Installation guide for Windows or Mac. There is no license issue with it as long as it is used unofficially.

Can I download Arial Rounded Mt Font for free?

If you wish to use the font for commercial purposes, you might need the owner’s permission. The Yourladies font is free to download for personal use, but it might be subject to usage restrictions.


In only just a few taps, your lettering design may be downloaded. Users may start the download by clicking the link provided below.


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