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About Avenir Font

Adrian Frutiger has taken the step to develop Avenir font, which falls in san’s serif text style category. With this font, you will be able to create beautiful typography and decorative designs. It is also possible to pair the font with its identical fonts.

With multilingual support, the font can be used on all operating systems, such as Windows, mac, Linux, etc. This cozy font is popular among designers and the overall public because of its bold and attractive look. Its eye-catching characters and variety of uses made this font a huge hit.

This classic font can be used to create beautiful designs that will enhance your projects efficiently. Many enterprises are using this font for different projects, such as clothing patterns, mug designs, commercial designs, and printing designs.


The letters of this typeface, have a very sleek look there are few characters in every letter of this typeface that has the right height, and width, and idealized space between the letters. The design of this typeface makes this font an incredible choice for dynamic plans.

The text style may change depending on the letters chosen. A few textual styles don’t acknowledge unusual characters or were made for a one-off action. You can utilize this typeface to make interesting plans, covers, shop and store names, and logos.

Also, the Zigzag font is idealized for branding projects, houseware plans, and item bundling. The typeface is commonly used by graphic designers and advertising agencies. A stylish website can be created with this font imported into a CSS file. Several amazing designs have been created using this typeface.

Avenir Font View

Avenir Font View Avenir Font View



Font information

Name Avenir Font
Designer Adrian Frutiger
Style Expanded
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Avenir Light
  • Avenir Light Oblique
  • Avenir Book
  • Avenir Book Oblique
  • Avenir Oblique
  • Avenir Roman
  • Avenir Medium
  • Avenir Medium Oblique
  • Avenir Heavy
  • Avenir Heavy Oblique
  • Avenir Black
  • Avenir Black Oblique
  • Avenir Condensed Hand

Fonts Similar to Avenir Font

Como Font

Advertisements and social media posts can be designed using this imaginary font. You can also use this typeface for designs for invoices, articles, and legal documents. A different feature of this font is the online generator tool that was designed by the author.

Como Font

Neo Sans Font

This typeface is free to use for personal projects. A font like this works well for headlines, webpage headers, and commercial labeling. If you are working on a personal project, you can use this typeface for free.

Neo Sans Font

Proxima Nova Font

Any kind of project can be handled with this font, including branding, logos, prints, websites, and more. Posters, headings, and other display settings that require a minimal amount of space are ideal for using this product.

Proxima Nova Font

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to the Avenir font.

  • Montserrat Font
  • Helvetica Neue Font
  • FF Kievitz Font
  • Ropa Sans Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Futura Font. The design of this font is based futura font, so it is a perfect pair for the futura font.

Other fonts

  • Linotte Font
  • Montserrat font

License Information

It is free for individual use only, and the text style cannot be used commercially. You must buy a permit to use this textual style commercially.


Is Avenir a free font?

It is a licensed font that can not be used for commercial designs, for that purpose you have to buy the license of this font or you can use it for your personal designs.

Is Avenir Free for personal use?

Yes, you can use this font for your personal use. But you have to buy the license for this font if you want to further use it for commercial designs than you must have to purchase the license of this font.

It is not a google font and it is also not available in the google font library. But you can find its every detail plus font file from this website.

Is Avenir a Microsoft font?

Yes, this font is available in Microsoft. Because it is a professional font that makes presence more important for the Microsft.

What font is most similar to Avenir?

There is numerous font that is identical to this font but according to our research, pt sans font is more identical to this font.

Is Avenir a humanist font?

This font has been designed on the early geometric fonts like erbar font designed by Jackob Erbar and Futura font. So, the designed of this font is a more humanist interpretation of geometric fonts.


This textual style can be downloaded from our website. You can download this file by clicking the link below.


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