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Bookman Old Style Font

About Bookman Old Style Font

Ong Chong Wah designed Bookman Old Style Font. It supports all of the official languages and also features special characters. A typeface is a fantastic option for print and web design.

If you require a font that is compatible with all devices, you shouldn’t be hesitant to select this text style. The arrangement is quite flexible, and the design is clear and contemporary. Utilize it in your upcoming project. With their huge x-heights and broad letters, small sizes are simple to read.

The characters are somewhat compressed, which helps them fit on a screen better. Additionally, the literary style might inspire branding initiatives, planning for home goods, and item packaging.

This font design layout may also be created to use the online font generator tool. This typeface, which is ranked as a top font on Google Fonts, is used by more than a million people.


In addition to making posters, social media posts, and animated logos, you can also use this typeface. It can also be used in headings and captions on websites and other design pages.

In addition to having a pleasing appearance, this typeface can be used to design exciting logos. Adobe, Canva, and Photoshop can be used with this. It is appropriate for labeling, emojis, symbols, writing materials, trade postcards, signage, publicity material, flyers, and invitation cards.

Artworks and placards are designed beautifully in this typeface. Due to its innovative and lively features, it can be used for modification. Making beautiful tattoos is easy with this typeface. As well as printing t-shirts and banners, it can also be used for designing logos and creating banners.

Bookman Old Style Font View

blank Bookman Old Style Font View

Font Information

Name Bookman Old Style Font
Designer Ong Chong Wah
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Bookman Old Style Bold Italic
  • Bookman Old Style Bold
  • Bookman Old Style Italic
  • Bookman Old Style Regular

Fonts Similar to Bookman Old Style Font

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Create unique designs by pairing them with other typefaces. There are many uses for this stunning typeface family, including headings, subtitles, and captions. You’ll get a simple look with its natural appearance.

Century Schoolbook Font

There are several ways in which you can utilize its advanced features for official purposes. If you want to pair this typeface with something very similar, you can go with Notera font. With it, you will get the best results for both your clients’ projects and your own.

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Some other notable fonts look similar to the Bookman Old Style font.

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Font Pairings

Pairing it with Ingeborg Font.

Other fonts

  • SpinweradC Bold Font
  • Sentinel Font

License Information

This is often a licensed font, once you purchase its license, you’ll utilize its all features for any commercial use. You’ll be able completely to utilize it for non-commercial use.


Can I use the Bookman Old Style Font on MS Word?

Microsoft Word supports Bookman Old Style font. This font is easy-to-read, even in smaller sizes. For web content, it is a good choice for body text, headlines, and short blocks of text.

Can I import Bookman Old Style into a CSS file?

Using this font, you can create stunning website content by importing it into CSS.

Does Bookman Old Style Font have good readability?

A substantial character set and unique glyphs are included in the Bookman Font. This typeface is easy to read, and that’s what makes it so good.

Who is the designer of Bookman Old Style Font?

Ed Benguiat, Chauncey H. Griffith, and Alexander Phemister have been tasked with creating this attractive typeface.


You’ll effortlessly download this textual style from our site. Essentially tap on the download button below.


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