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About Calibri Font

Calibri Font is a sans serif text style and was designed by Luc(as) de Groot from 2002 to 2004 and launched for the use of the general public in 2007, under the umbrella of Microsoft Office 2007. We are providing a free version that is easily downloadable.

Text style can be replaced with Times New Roman and Arial text style because it quite looks similar. It gives comfort to designers just because of its nice and catchy letters and features.

If anyone wants to get benefited from its features without downloading the text style in the operating system, the user can go with Calibri Font online generator tool and can do all kind of processes without any permitting issues.

It contains many letters including, Cyrillic, Greek, Latin extended, Latin, etc. It comprises a wide range of text figures and strings. Though, it covers all the features that any daily operations required for official record keeping.

It can be used as a basic font of Microsoft office. This text style is considered as the most suitable font for onscreen and offscreen projects like report writing t PowerPoint presentations.


Text style has extreme fame in the font world there is a huge list of different platforms where this style has been used. It is a useful typeface that can be adjustable on numerous platforms.

For political campaigns and brand trademark designing this text style has great readability. Let’s find out how this typeface can help to enhance the beauty of your upcoming and ongoing project.

If you are thinking to start doing working on a website, you must consider this text style to create amazing designs in a unique way. It gives a stylish and attractive feel to the content of your site and you will stand out in front of your competitor.

In several other places, users can make it a great choice. Like Logo designing, Headings, Commercials, Posters, Virtual projects, and much more.

Calibri Font View

blank Calibri Font View

Font Information

Name Calibri Font
Designer Luc(as) de Groot
Style Expanded
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Cabin Regular
  • Cabin Italic
  • Cabin Medium
  • Cabin Medium Italic
  • Cabin SemiBold
  • Cabin SemiBold Italic
  • Cabin Bold
  • Cabin Bold Italic

Fonts Similar to Calibri Font

Avenir Font

It has also in the same category as calibri font. This makes a combination with this font. It is designed by Adrian Frutiger. Many web creators use this typeface for their private and commercial purposes. It is suitable for thumbnails, articles, mug designs, and much more. You’ll make official symbols and vibrant logos.

Avenir Font

Helvetica Neue Font

The characters of this text style are easy and simple to read from the distance and it can be used in any marketing project, product logo design, official reports writing and so on.

Helvetica Neue Font

Some other notable fonts look similar to the Calibri font.

  • Cabin VF Beta Regular Font
  • Cabin-Regular Font
  • Open Sans Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Alégreya Sans Font. These two fonts have similar characters that are perfect to use together. By combining these two fonts your designs will become more professional.

Another best pairing to this font is helvetica font. It has the most identical characters to this font. So, it is the best combination choice for your designs.

Other Fonts

  • Cabin Medium Font

License Information

Its typeface isn’t really open for use since this was produced below a copyright license. Buy the license to turn company projects as well as graphics into worldwide successes. Users could use typography for both advertising and non-commercial tasks if they have a license.


What is the Calibri font?

Calibri font is a modern sans-serif text style with round stems and corners. Its weights are italics, small caps, and various number groups. Its sizes show high impact in firmly set outlines of both big and small text.

What is Calibri font good for?

Calibri font designed by Luc(as) De Groot, Calibri is a sans serif text style and this typeface is well-known for being used on Book titles, Headings, subtitles, etc. Users can surely try this typeface for such mentioned purposes.

Is Arial or Calibri better?

Both text styles are belonging to the sans serif typefaces and are quite similar to each other along with few differences. If users look carefully, they will probably notice that the Calibri font has less creative feel than the Arial Font.

Is Calibri free to use?

Absolutely not, It’s not a free typeface. You have to buy its license from the designer to utilize it on any commercial project. Anyways it is completely free for personal use.


Numerous artificial fonts have been getting included just after the official launch of this typography, so if you ever want to install this typography onto your computer, you can do so with unrestricted access to its free plan. To access its unrestricted edition’s elements, click the link that is provided elsewhere here.


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