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Calligraphic 421 Font

About Calligraphic 421 Font

Amirul Isra, the Indonesian designer, created the timeless, sophisticated, and contemporary Calligraphic 421 Font in 2016.

Its typography is legally protected and is known as “Yasru Isra Monoline.” Later, it was accessible as just a free license font on the Font Bundles Website.

A developer is usually drawn to publications or publications on calligraphy and handwritten lettering due to their penmanship. This had an impact on the majority of his typeface ideas.

Additionally, he released his typeface underneath the AM Studios moniker. Several of the other typefaces he has created are Auliyana, Brillion Shella Script, Misfadiella, Martino Script, and Baseline.

It is a PUA-encoded freeware typeface. Therefore, users can be confident that they’ll have access to every additional character and sign.


It can be utilized for a variety of uses. The typeface’s lightness enables it adaptable for usage in a variety of situations, making it ideal for developing contemporary and elegant graphics.

The typeface may be suited for many different projects that call for a contemporary, elegant script font, including marketing and t-shirt layouts.

It is perfect for textual information, advertising, and graphic creation. Make any writing more charming, opulent, as well as romantic by using the typeface.

The design and visuals may get individuality as well as style as a result. The typeface is also available as a web-based design. Free downloads of the typeface are also accessible for PCs and Macs.

Calligraphic 421 Font View

Calligraphic 421 Font ViewCalligraphic 421 Font View

Font Information

Name Calligraphic 421 Font
Designer Amirul Isra
Style Calligraphy
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Calligraphic 421 Regular

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Font Pairings

Pairing it with Zing Rust Font

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License Information

Using this typeface will help you succeed in your projects. There is a free version for personal use, as well as a paid version for commercial use.


Is Calligraphic 421 a cost-free font?

Yes, it is free to use this typeface for individual use. Users should buy the typeface in order to utilize it for professional reasons.

Can I download Calligraphic 421 and use it on a Mac or PC?

The Calligraphic 421 Font may be downloaded securely if you use a PC or MAC.

What happens if I want to Calligraphic 421 use on a website?

Such an online service that provides a business license is suitable for the typeface.

Does Calligraphic 421 font work on the web?

The typeface must be purchased from the originating permit holder in order to be used as a website font.


You need to click the download button to download this stylish font if you wish to use it in your plans.


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