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About Cochin Font

A serif family comprises Cochin Font. It is a typographic typeface in transitioning. Georges Peignot created the typeface in 1912, published it, then Linotype published it in 1914.

He made this typeface for the G. Peignot et Fils studio in Paris. Because the name of this typeface is derived from the Indian city of Kochi, formerly known as Cochin.

The early 18th century generally refers to illustrations being where the typeface got its start. But Matthew Carter at Linotype revised this typeface in 1977 and includes 3 italic widths. This font has many similar fonts, but the best alternative font to this texture is andale mono font.

URW’s, as well as Bitstream’s (as Engravers Oldstyle 205) editions (in contrast to an electronic file from Linotype/Adobe), features Black designs.

The Cochin typeface is simpler to use when writing lengthy paragraphs because it has fewer features a curved than other fonts. The Cochin typeface contains a thousand units of each EM with characters ranging between 201 to 357.


The typeface may be utilized in a variety of tasks, including marketing initiatives, product information, graphic novels, letterheads, home d├ęcor designs, animation designs, innovative designs, three-dimensional design features, pattern design features, and much more.

You may easily utilize this font with rotis sans serif font. Thus, if you intend to give their creations a hip and creative flair, use the typeface. It could be utilized for every header or title since it contains intriguing phrases.

The typeface may be used in all of your regular writing, including projects, essays, seminars, and sometimes even paperwork.

The typeface is flexible and doesn’t have a set dimension, but still, it contains geometric shapes and also no spacing.

Cochin Font View

Cochin Font View Cochin Font View 2

Font Information

Name Cochin Font
Designer Georges Peignot
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Cochin Pro Roman
  • Cochin Pro Italic
  • Cochin Pro Bold
  • Cochin Pro Bold Italic
  • Cochin Std Roman
  • Cochin Std Italic
  • Cochin Std Bold
  • Cochin Std Bold Italic

Fonts Similar to Cochin Font

Palatino Font

The characters are clear and simple to study, indeed in small sizes. The dividing between the characters is additionally liberal, making it ideal for body text. In expansion to being exceedingly discernable, textual style is additionally exceptionally appealing.

Venetian 301 Font

Suitable for captions, labeling, and other display needs. With its unique glyphs, it maintains legibility at smaller sizes while retaining a lot of personalities. Global projects benefit from the extensive range of languages supported by this font style.

SD Georgia Light Font

You’ll get a rustic look with its natural look. Because of its stylish glyphs, it is perfect for a wide range of designs. As well as being perfect for use in food design and naming, this font is also suitable for use in logos.

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to Cochin Font;

  • Elite Font
  • Ld Slanted Font
  • HVD Comic Serif Pro Font
  • FE Friday Font
  • NeoplantaBG Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with HollaMediaeval Font and amazing designs.

Other Fonts

  • Houndtime Font
  • Kristen Itc Font

License Information

When you contact the font owner’s site, you can easily obtain the paid version or the license to use the typeface for all your official and business needs.


Is Cochin Font free?

The Cochin font is not free for commercial use but you can use this text style in your personal project free of cost the text style has 233 characters in numbers and one thousand units of the typeface are close enough to 1em. You can get this text style for free on our website.

What is Cochin Font used for?

It can be used in marriage invitation cards, business cards, and greeting cards, the typeface can be used on any site like on your business website, or any kind of report writing as well.

What fonts are similar to Cochin Font?

Lectio Font and Athanasius PRO Font is quite similar to the Cochin Font the text style has been used by many famous brands in their logo.

In which famous places Cochin font was used?

Dior is a famous international brand that used this font in their logo the design is quite an eye catchy and it has amazing readability.


From here, you can download a free version that is suitable for all private tasks in an accurate and timely manner. You can download it by clicking on the button below.


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