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About Felix Titling Font

Felix Titling Font is designed by Monotype foundry its elegant appearance is ideal for use in exhibition design. There are more than 50 characters in total, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and standard punctuation.

The free sample version of this font family includes a variety of distinctive features. Because of its attractive appearance’s clarity, it is appropriate for use in fashionable heading designs. This contemporary, trendy font has a lovely feel that works well for professional graphic design projects.

This contemporary typeface pairs incredibly well with the kabel font, which is included in the sans serif category. It works best when used for titling and luxurious design purposes.


This fantastic typeface is appropriate for a variety of blog posts, advertisements, and copywriting tasks. It is appropriate for use in contemporary headline designs, newspapers, wedding cards, and various graphic card design applications. This fantastic typeface can be used to create a stunning logo.

It is an exceptional typeface that is appropriate for designing book covers, advertisements, reports, invoices, and other types of reports. This typeface can be used for stationery designs and styles. This font’s traditional characteristics make it appropriate for banner and poster design projects.

The font is frequently used by graphic designers for tasks linked to graphic design, including creating websites, developing themes, creating social media posts, and many other tasks. This font is very close to the akira expanded font.

Felix Titling Font View

Felix Titling Font Felix Titling Font

Font Information

Name Felix Titling Font
Designer Monotype Foundry
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Felix Titling Regular

Fonts Similar to Felix Titling Font

SD Georgia Light Font

It is also perfect for producing brand-new visuals for expert trademarks. Multinational firms frequently create their brand names, ads, and brand logos using this typeface.

NeoplantaBG Font

Several organizations are using this typeface for their business everyday tasks and documents due to its strong yet attractive letters.

Some other notable Fonts look similar to the Felix Titling Font.

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Houndtime Font can make your designs more eye catchy.

Other Font

  • HollaMediaeval Font

License Information

Since there are no license restrictions on the font, you can use it wherever you like. Simply download it to your computer and utilize it extensively.


What type of font is Felix titling?

It is included in the san’s serif category. It works best when used for titling and unique design purposes.

Is Felix Titling a free font?

There are no license restrictions on the typeface, you can use it wherever you like any kind of project.

How do I install Felix titling Typeface?

Download the font from our website, unzip the file, and click install. That’s it, just press the install button.

Is Felix titling Font Safe for the web?

This fantastic typeface is sans serif in nature. The typeface is web safe and can be used safely in your web projects.


So that you can simply get this typeface for your operating systems, we have provided a download option below.


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