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About Furry Font

Cathrine Understrup designed Furry Font is a fancy text style there is a strong modern feel to all letters, along with thick strokes. This is why modern designers prefer it. For the professional designs as well.

Using it can make a design stand out and be unique. Hence, once a designer understands its competencies, they will use them in many designs.

Considering its keen features, it would be perfect when paired with pencil box font to make amazing designs for the project.

In addition to bold editorial statements and graphic heavy prints, this font can also be used as a simple logo and simple branding. Your designs will stand out and be unique with this new type. Regular is a subfamily of the font.


The letters of this typeface demonstrate its versatility. With full concentration and experience, each letter has been created. Therefore, its letters didn’t contain any errors.

In addition to creating covers and poster designs, you can also create business cards, logos, and product designs with clean and elegant textures. Web development can also be done on it. This works well with this font and gives a modern and stylish look to your projects.

The letters of this typeface, have a very unique look there are few characters in every letter of this typeface that has the right height, width, and idealized space between the letters. The design of this typeface makes this lettering an incredible choice for dynamic projects.

There are available a wide range of languages supported by this amazing font. This will allow you to create various designs in different languages.

Furry Font View

Furry Font View Furry Font View

Font Information

Name Furry Font
Designer Cathrine Understrup
Style Fancy
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Furry Regular

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Font Pairings

Pairing it with Hotel Coral Essex Font

Other Font

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License Information

This typeface is free for private use, if you wish to use it for other commercials then need to buy its license from the owner.


Where we can use Furry Font?

This classic typeface is perfect for use in both formal and informal settings. Many developers used this font for website designing, banner ad designing, title designing, and many more.

Is Furry Font a google font?

No, Furry Font is not a Google font. You can download this typeface from our websites.

What is the generator tool of Furry Font?

It is an online facility by which you can create a lot of interesting designs like graphic designs.

Is Furry a proportionally spaced Font?

The Font is a proportionally spaced font. This means that the glyphs are based on the proportions of the stylish body, which makes them easy to read.


This cozy typeface is best for different works, if you wish to use it for your personal tasks then need to download it from the given button.


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