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Helvetica Neue Light Font

About Helvetica Neue Light Font

In this article, we will discuss with you a very good-looking and striking sans-serif style identified as the name of Helvetica Neue light font. It looks like a geometric style and was developed by American inventors Hoffmann and Max Miedinger in 1957.

This font has lots of exclusive characters and different weights such as light, normal, medium, and semi-bold (Demi bold). The online generator tool of this typeface will help you to make urgent and stylish characters for all your fun designs and projects.

The Helvetica Neue light style is best for CSS and adobe photoshops. It contains up to 393 unique types of glyphs and has available in both OTF and TTF file formats.

You can compare this eye-catching typeface with many other styles, The Helvetica Neue light is not available on the google fonts store but you can easily download it from here for all your private and commercial projects.


Due to its neat and clean texture look appearance, it can be utilized for numerous projects such as logos, advertisements, signs, banners, social media posts, and many other designs.

This font has adorable lines and sharp details making it perfect for body text and its wide range of weights is ideal for headings and titles. It gained popularity in a very short time according to its copy-and-paste quality, you can easily copy any text from another site and paste it on your projects.

A similar font of this outstanding texture is Helvetica Neue Condensed Italic style. These both fonts are suitable for making elegant projects. Overall, this font is perfect for that designer who is looking for stylish projects.

Helvetica Neue Light Font View

Helvetica Neue Light Font ViewHelvetica Neue Light Font View

Font Information

Name Helvetica Neue Light Font
Designer Hoffmann and Max Miedinger
Style Sans-Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Helvetica Neue Light Light
  • Helvetica Neue Light normal
  • Helvetica Neue Light medium
  • Helvetica Neue Light semi-bold

Fonts Similar to Helvetica Neue Light Font

­­­­­If you want to download other sans serif typeface and utilize it on your projects, some of the most similar texture to Helvetica Neue light font is available in this section.

Roboto Font

The Roboto Font is available on the google fonts store and looks like a sans-serif texture family. It was designed by a famous graphic designer named Christian Robertson. This style can be utilized for multiple purposes as advertisements, social media posts, and many more.

Arimo Font

The Arimo font was developed by Steve Matteson. It is similar to the Work sans font and after its release, it gained popularity in a very short time due to its great features after then it becomes the best choice of many designers.

Nimbus Sans Font

This font is available in ultra-modern characters and belongs to the sans serif typeface family. It contains 59 glyphs and is published through the germen-based foundry name URW++.

Work Sans Font

The Work Sans Font was invented by Wei Huang. This font includes 216 different types of glyphs and unique types of characters. It is best for CSS and adobe photoshops.

Some other similar fonts of this outstanding typeface are available below.

  • Proxima Nova font
  • National Font
  • Aktiv Grotesk Font
  • FF Bau Font
  • ARS Maquette font

Font Pairings

The pairing quality of this typeface is amazing. You can easily pair it with many other typefaces and make attractive projects. Here are some pairing fonts to Helvetica Neue light font.

Pairing it With Courier Font: This font is perfect for making a stimulating and modern look. When these two fonts work together then it will give a modern and attractive look to your projects.

Pairing it with Polt Book font: This font belongs to the sans serif typeface family and is similar in style to Helvetica Neue light style. The two fonts work nicely jointly

Pairing it with Powdah Font: It is perfect for the body and headlines and its characters are good-looking. You can easily pair it with Helvetica’s new light font and create awesome projects.

With Roboto Light: This serif font is ideal for Helvetica Neue light. Its characters are attractive and easily combine with any other serif typeface. so that these two fonts work well when we utilize them together.


This font is available on this unique site, if you really want to download it, then just press the below download button and save it on your PC or Mac.


What type of font is Helvetica Neue Light Font?

Helvetica Neue light font looks like a geometric style and was developed by American inventors Hoffmann and Max Miedinger in 1957. It is perfect for different designs and projects.

What is Helvetica Neue Light Font used for?

This font has been utilized for many typographic designs, such as movie titles, signage, print, social media marketing, and many more.

Is Helvetica Neue Light Font a professional font?

Yes! Due to its keen and attractive look appearance, it is going to choice for the professional font.

Why is Helvetica Neue Light typeface so popular?

No doubt, this typeface is a famous texture all around the world. The sans serif typeface incorporates elegance with bold styles and has an attractive and gorgeous appearance.

Is Helvetica Neue Light typeface free for private projects?

This font is completely free for all your private purposes, you can also utilize it for commercial projects but you must have to buy its full version from the owner of this typeface.


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