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Ld Slanted Font

About Ld Slanted Font

Ld Slanted Font has an incredibly unique aspect that contributes to its simple and noticeable design. It has distinctive characters that can be used in all kinds of design. All sets of characters, both in lower and upper are included in this font style.

Additionally, it has modern vocabulary, fashionable substitutes, unique symbols, and digits. This font can be used to create a variety of projects. If you want a typeface to give your task a distinctive style.

The font type pattern can be created using the online font generator tool. The TTF and OTF file types are offered for this font type design. Any form of design can be created using this style. This font is very close to the desert dog hmk font.

The typeface does have a clean, natural appearance that makes it perfect for projects that call for a unique feel. It is a fantastic option for projects that require an original and imaginative touch.


This typeface can make original graphic designs, banners, manufacturing sector garment designs, billboards, advertisements, booklets, and movies, among other things.

The typeface is frequently used by developers for graphics with natural themes. Additionally, letters could be utilized for further fun projects like kid’s books and magazines or greeting cards.

lettering type layout is also compatible with a wide range of software applications, like Adobe, Canva, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and so on. Anyone could use the characters under this typeface styling, which has a pretty different layout, for every kind of project. You can easily compare this font with the FFX logo font.

This is made up both of lower and uppercase letters. The typeface design contains a lot of characteristics. A copying-pasting feature is just one of the essential aspects. It contains every feature a creator may require for their proposed project.

Ld Slanted Font View

blank Ld Slanted Font View

Font Information

Name Ld Slanted Font
Designer Andika Setiawan
Style Handwritten
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Ld Slanted Regular

Fonts Similar to Ld Slanted Font

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This is a fantastic option for projects that require an exclusive and innovative feel. This design is an excellent choice whether you’re seeking a natural and alive appearance.

Zahariel Demo Font

This lovely font is better for promotional designs, banners, and fancy-label designs. You can also choose this font for your logo design project. This typeface can be used for movie symbols, spirited movie symbols, video game logos, and other associated use.

Some other notable fonts look similar to the Ld Slanted font.

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Font Pairings

Pairing it with sailor jerry’s regular font.

Other fonts

  • Reliant Limited Font
  • Mitch Hand Font

License Information

The download is free for individual utilization and the textual style cannot be utilized for commercial purposes.


Is Ld Slanted Font free to download?

The download is free for individual utilization and the textual style cannot be utilized for commercial purposes.

Is Ld Slanted Font great to use?

This typeface is perfect for body content. In expansion, it is right for any plan ventures such as advertisements, site layouts, social media posts, brands, items, cites, cards, and much more.

What kind of generator tool is Ld Slanted Font?

For the fast creation of realistic plans, it is an exceptionally idealized instrument. You’ll be able to make numerous plans effectively.

Does Ld Slanted Font have great readability?

The Ld Slanted font has unbelievable meaningfulness. It may be an exceptionally flexible textual style that can be utilized for numerous purposes and it has clear vivid readability from the distance.


Here is a link to our website where you can download the typeface easily. The download can be started by clicking on the following link.


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