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About Monotype Corsiva Font

Monotype Corsiva Font was created by Patricia Saunders. It is an Italic font made in the early Italian cursive designs. The typeface’s capital letters resemble the Swash style. Additionally, it works well for brief paragraphs and is frequently used for promotional purposes.

There are various weights and styles in this Monotype font family. Since the Monotype firm has created all of the fonts that have been used in various contexts.

A free online application called Monotype Corsiva Generator can be used to create logos and graphics. This style can frequently use for tasks like making downloadable fonts web-safe for widespread use.

Here is a great suggestion for you if you wish to give your project a 19th-century feel, alternatively you may choose a roman script font, which is the finest replacement for this typeface.


Similar to every other Monotype typeface, it offers a wide range of applications, which has raised the value and esteem of the typeface. You have utilized this typeface, or variations of it, in some capacity as a designer.

Let’s see the platforms or webpages where this typeface has previously appeared and received a great deal of love and appreciation. This typeface is very similar to the sneakers script font.

This typeface’s enhanced letters make it the perfect option for usage in book publishing. Since the font was introduced, it has served these functions frequently.

Choose Monotype Corsiva if you’re seeking a unique typeface. Numerous book publishers, both large and small, have tried this typeface.

Monotype Corsiva Font View

blank Monotype Corsiva Font View

Font Information

Name Monotype Corsiva Font
Designer Patricia Saunders
Style Script
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Monotype Corsiva Std Regular
  • Monotype Corsiva Italic
  • Monotype Corsiva Bold
  • Monotype Corsiva Bold Italic

Fonts Similar to Monotype Corsiva Font

EF Elysa Font

When you want to increase the prominence of your project, this text style is a great option. This style is excellent in terms of its basic elements, despite its traditional typography.

Cataneo BT Font

The typeface is a great choice for all of your fun design projects.  With the typeface, you can design beautiful covers, names for shops and stores, and logos for shops and stores.

Some other notable Fonts look similar to the Monotype Corsiva Font.

  • Monotype Sorts Font
  • Doctor Signature Font
  • Scriptissimo Forte Swirls Start Font

Font Pairings

Pair it with Scriptina Pro font. Both fonts have amazing stylish and handwritten texture visualization.

Other Font

  • Quill Font
  • Snowwrite Font

License Information

Once you obtain the permissions, utilize the typeface in your commercial work to improve the quality of your design.


What is the type of Monotype Corsiva Font?

It is a part of the Monotype typeface family. It is an Italic font made in the early Italian cursive designs. The typeface’s capital letters resemble the Swash style.

Who Designed Monotype Corsiva?

Patricia Saunders designed this Italic font There are various weights and styles in this Monotype font family.

Is Monotype Corsiva Free Font for Commercial Use?

It’s a free typeface only for your personal projects. For commercial projects, you need to buy a license.

What Is Monotype Corsiva Generator?

It is an online tool that comes up with many facilities for users. It allows you to create different designs for free.

Is Monotype Corsiva a Good Choice to Use?

The typeface has been featured on many platforms. Many professional designers have used this style in their tasks that were recognized globally.


You undoubtedly need a license to receive a full approach. However, if you wish to use a free font for your own projects go with it.


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