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About Mrs Eaves Font

Mrs Eaves Font was developed by a notable typographic designer Zuzana Licko. This font is under the transitional serif typeface family and was published in 1996. It has a neat and eye-catching surface look for visitors.

This font was issued through Emigre, It is a style foundry hubby Rudy VanderLans and licko. The letter ‘a’ and ‘g’ are double-storied. The Mrs Eves Style has outstanding copy-and-paste ability. You can copy any text from another site and paste it into your projects.

It is suitable for both adobe Photoshop and CSS. It is available in both OTF and TTF file formats. You can also use this typeface online generator tool for converting simple letters into stylish shapes.


This font is a versatile serif typeface that can be utilized for a variety of design projects. You can use this typeface to make card designs, printings, email template writings, and many more projects.

This font is perfect for anyone who wants to utilize it for making logo designs, posters, banners, advertisement procedures, and social media posts. The light weight is particularly suitable for benefit on screens in small sizes. This font supports many international languages such as Cyrillic, Latin, and Greek symbol sets.

The Mrs Eves Font is also perfect for different software such as canvas, adobe photoshop, illustrator, coral draw, and some others.

Mrs Eaves Font View

Mrs Eaves Font View

Mrs Eaves Font View

Font Information

Name Mrs Eaves Font
Designer Zuzana Licko
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Mrs Eaves Roman Lining
  • Mrs Eaves Roman Small Caps
  • Mrs Eaves Roman All Small Caps
  • Mrs Eaves Roman All Petite Caps
  • Mrs Eaves OT Roman
  • Mrs Eaves OT Italic
  • Mrs Eaves OT Bold
  • Mrs Eaves OT Bold Italic

Fonts Similar to Mrs Eaves Font

If you want to download a similar font to this style, so you can easily download it from here just press the button given below.

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The Amarfil font is under the category of the basic serif typeface family. It was designed by a famous graphic designer name Mario Arturo.

Droid Serif Font

It has a neat and stylish texture look impression and was created by Google Android. It is perfect for cloth printing, and email templates.

InfraRed Bold Font

The InfraRed Bold Font was designed by Zdeněk Gromnica a.k.a. FutureMillennium. It looks like a serif texture family and has an attractive structure.

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The Admina Font is mostly used for letter settings in smaller sizes. It is available on the google fonts store and you can also download it free from here.

Here are some more similar fonts to the Neo Sans Font;

  • Baskerville FS Font
  • Minion® Pro Font
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Font Pairings

Here are some pairing fonts to the Mars Eves Font;

Pairing it Fteepidien Font: This unique font is the perfect choice for pairing with Mrs Eaves Font. It can be utilized for making YouTube thumbnails, Instagram bio descriptions, and many more.

Pairing it with Guru Font: It is suitable for making an excellent and stylish shape. You can combine these two fonts for multiple purposes.

With Houndtime Font: It is a mutual name for halite a famous texture all around the world. You can compare these two fonts for different design purposes.

With Gourmand Font: This font is perfect for multiple projects such as social media posts, banners, advertisements, and many more. It is a modern typeface and can be utilized with the Mrs Eves font.

License Information

This awesome font has a paid version but is just for its commercial plans not for personal. You need to purchase its license from the authorized owner of that font family.


What type of font is Mrs Eaves font?

This font is under the transitional serif typeface family and was published in 1996. It has a neat and eye-catching surface look for visitors.

Is Mrs. Eaves font free?

Yes! This typeface is completely free for only your personal projects, for commercial purposes, you must have to buy its full version from the owner of this typeface.

who is the designer of the Mrs Eaves font?

The Mrs Eves Font was created by a notable typographic designer Zuzana Licko. It has a neat and awesome texture look appearance.

What font is closest to Mrs. Eaves?

The closest font to this typeface is Adamina font. It has amazing pairing quality and is perfect for printings, and card designs.


You can download it free from this unique site. Just press the download button and get its zip file on your PC or Mac without any security issues.


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