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About Myriad Pro Font

Myriad Pro Font is one of the most commonly used font styles and is a geometrical sans serif typeface and we are giving its free version to download. The two renowned American designers Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach produced it in the 1990s.

Apple Co. also uses it as its preferred typeface. This design, which matches the Tahoma font, is also part of Adobe Type. It is a sans serif typeface that is simple to identify by its clean and appropriate character appearance. For simple designs and text graphics, it offers an online font-generating tool.

It was also expanded in the 2000s with a few other weights and extensive languages including Greek, Cyrillic, and Latin. There are several styles and weights available in the current family of this typeface, such as regular, bold, italic, bold italic, condensed, and others.

It is also listed as the Google font, as it has a clean texture style. This font is also highly used in creating professional documentation. It is also available in the Microsoft Word font collection.


Numerous industries might make use of this typeface family. It is displayed on international airlines, prominent world-class colleges, and a worldwide organization has also used this typeface as its official font, to name a few important locations where it may be found. It has received a lot of appreciation all across the world.

This typeface is also excellent for documentation needs and may be used for various assignments, website headers, and official jobs. It will be ideal for logos, art books, newspaper and magazine headings, postcards, items, brands, printing on clothing, and many other things.

Several private projects can be done while using this stunning font, it is the best option for creating website designs, channel designs, and thumbnails. It is highly recommended for logo designing for any kind of brand name and blog design.

Myriad Pro Font View

Myriad Pro Font View Myriad Pro Font View

Font Information

Name Myriad Pro Font
Designer Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach
Style Sans Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Myriad Pro Regular
  • Myriad Pro Regular
  • Myriad Pro Condensed
  • Myriad Pro Condensed
  • Myriad Pro Condensed Italic
  • Myriad Pro Condensed Italic
  • Myriad Pro Light
  • Myriad Pro Light
  • Myriad Pro Semi bold
  • Myriad Pro Semi bold
  • Myriad Pro Semi Bold Italic
  • Myriad Pro Semi Bold Italic
  • Myriad Pro Bold Condensed
  • Myriad Pro Bold Condensed
  • Myriad Pro Bold
  • Myriad Pro Bold
  • Myriad Pro Bold Italic
  • Myriad Pro Bold Italic
  • Myriad Pro Bold Condensed Italic

Fonts Similar to Myriad Pro Font

Navidad Font

Many web designers utilize this amazing and eye-catching font in every field of business such as websites and blog headlines, titling of books, and so on. The typeface is well suited for body text and it has massive features for website and blog writing.

Some other notable Fonts look similar to the Myriad Pro Font.

  • Epoca Pro Font
  • Core Sans Font
  • Calibri Font
  • Tahoma Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Trebuchet MS Font

Other Fonts

  • Candara Font

License Information

You can use this typeface on any platform you want because it was provided under an open-source license. No licensing or other registration requirements apply.


Is Myriad Pro a free font?

Yes, the typeface is free for personal and commercial use as we there is n need t to buy its license.

What is Myriad Pro font?

Myriad is a sans-serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly for Adobe Systems.

Is Myriad Pro having readability?

A modern typeface designed by Adobe. We have begun to use Myriad Pro in our designed materials Myriad Pro has a clean simple design that can be seen from a long distance.

Why use Myriad Pro font?

Myriad Pro’s clean open shapes, for creating unique designs of any content you need to apply this style to gain the attention of the viewers.

What font is closest to Myriad Pro Font?

Times New Roman Font and Lato Font are the most identical font to its characters. These fonts are also good at making pairs with them and can also be found in Canva.


For all of your personal, and professional projects, you can get this font for free right here. Simply click the download option below to acquire the font for your computer system.


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