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About Olivia Font

Fanastudio designed Olivia Font the style is a contemporary, premium typeface that is a member of the calligraphy font family. It was made by, a well-known typography company.

There are 94 characters in this wonderful design, including capital and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, alphabet, and two special characters.

It works well with more formal calligraphy designs. In addition to adding a variety of font families, the font has the perfect copy-and-paste feature set apart for it. It has some really fascinating characteristics.

Because it includes all the fantastic glyphs and some uncommon characters, this font is comparable to slogan font. You can choose to utilize this bold font quality for private use by clicking the download button provided below.


This typeface is appropriate for elegant letters and gives them a sharp character. This unique font can be used for a variety of challenging preparations, including remarkable caps, beautiful glyphs, too complementing benefits, uncommon great blurbs, large billboards, games, and many other things.

It serves as the inspiration for the cover and title of Olivia Rodrigo magazine. This typeface’s characters emphasize a particular contact that demonstrates their skill after using it in a professional setting. This font is also paired with the hobbit font.

It may also be used to create elegant designs, which is ideal for many designers to use in their artwork, among other things. This contemporary typeface can be used for newspaper text designs and text-style collections.

Olivia Font View

Olivia Font Olivia Font

Font Information

Name Olivia Font
Designer Fanastudio
Style Calligraphy
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Olivia Regular
  • Olivia Bold

Fonts Similar to Olivia Font

Monsieur La Doulaise Font

Using this style can make a design stand out and be unique. Hence, once a designer understands its capabilities, he/she will use it in many designs.

Olivia Dhorgent Font

The letters of this typeface demonstrate its versatility. With full concentration and experience, each letter has been created. Therefore, its letters didn’t contain any errors.

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Font Pairings

With Italianno Font, they both have stylish characters and are perfect to pair.

Other Font

  • South Gardens Font

License Information

The licensing for this typeface is solely free for all private use however, you must purchase a license to use it for business reasons.


Can I use the copy-and-paste function of Olivia Font?

The copy-and-paste structure of this beautiful typeface is available for all designers who want to use this style.

What kind of font is Olivia Font?

This style comes in calligraphy style and was designed by a famous Fanastudio first time.

Can I use the generator tool of Olivia Font?

Yes, you can use the online generator tool of this exciting typeface from any authorized website that you can find effortlessly from google.

What font is similar to Olivia Font?

You can use many styles similar to this typeface but Daizen Font is the most similar typeface to this style.


You may download the free version of this style from this page by simply clicking the download link provided below.


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