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About Palatino Font

Palatino Font is designed by Hermann Zapf it is the serif style. For individuals who seek a contemporary and sleek typeface, this style is a fantastic option.

For headers, logos, and brief paragraphs, the typeface is ideal. There are capital and lower-case letters, digits, and punctuations in the Font.

It comes in two variants, TTF and OTF, and only has one normal style. Greek, Cyrillic, and Latin character sets are all supported by the typeface. The pairing status of radio ranch font is outstanding with this typeface.

This typeface may provide competence, particularly when utilized as professional typography or in contemporary, simple designs. This typeface may be used for traditional and web applications.


This is one of the best-looking fonts available right now. This edgy plan is dominant in design because it is tough and highly strong. In terms of trademarks, headers, and layout design, it makes a superior choice.

With some font editing, you can also create a stunning YouTube thumbnail. The design appears unique. This typeface can satisfy all of the user’s needs.

A typeface with capitals and exclamation. It is one of the most beautiful free contemporary fonts accessible because each letter is properly placed within a square area, giving the spaces between every letter distinct and reliable.

Palatino Font View

Palatino Font View Palatino Font View

Font Information

Name Palatino Font
Designer Hermann Zapf
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Palatino Light
  • Palatino Light Italic
  • Palatino Roman
  • Palatino Italic
  • Palatino Medium
  • Palatino Medium Italic
  • Palatino Bold
  • Palatino Bold Italic
  • Palatino Black
  • Palatino Black Italic

Fonts Similar to Palatino Font

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The icons have some compression, which makes them easier to fit on a screen. The text may also influence branding plans, household goods design, and marketing materials.

Garamond Font

The style has a unique design that makes it perfect for creating banners, posters, and any other task that needs a unique design.

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to Palatino Font.

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Nunito Sans Font Calibri Font is the best alternative to create any designs.

Other Fonts

  • Classica Font
  • Poppl-Pontifex Font
  • Warnock Subhead Font

License Information

This is often a licensed font, once you purchase its license, you’ll utilize its all features for any commercial use. You’ll be able completely to utilize it for non-commercial use.


Who designed the Palatino font?

Hermann Zapf created Palatino Font which is a serif style.

Can Palatino be imported into a CSS file?

By integrating this font into CSS, you may use it to produce beautiful web content.

Is the readability of Palatino Font good?

The font comes with a sizable character set and distinctive glyphs. This typeface is excellent since it is simple to read.

Where can I use Palatino Font?

You can also create a stunning YouTube thumbnail. In terms of trademarks, headers, and layout design, it makes a superior choice.


This textual style is easily downloadable from our website. In essence, press the download icon below.


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