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About Plantin Font

Plantin Font is designed by Fritz Stelzer it belongs to the serif typeface family. The typeface features unique symbols, as well as that, are ideal for creating stand-out designs. It is a suitable option if you’re seeking a trendy and modern font. Here you can find its free version.

Additionally, you may create this typeface by utilizing a font-generating tool online. With this typeface, your content will look amazing.

The font’s letters serve as an example of its adaptability. Every letter has been produced with complete focus and expertise. As a result, there were no mistakes in its letters.

This typeface has a clean, contemporary style that is simple to read and will add sophistication and professionalism to any project. Adding this typeface to your design can help make it more noticeable. For instance, the Museo slab font is a fantastic match.


Numerous design projects, such as websites, promotional materials, and logos, can be done with this typeface. It is a sophisticated and adaptable typeface that may add gloss and professionalism to any project. A typeface is a fantastic option for your work whether you are producing printed books or digital graphics.

Any developer who wishes to give their work class and elegance should choose Plantin Font. It is the ideal option for a range of designs because of its simple, contemporary design and clear glyphs. So, if you want your work to stand out, use this typeface.

It has a specific, clear plan that is visible to readers. This text style may be used by designers to create e-book covers, headers, branding ideas, business cards, apparel plans, prints, boundary wall paintings, catalogs, posters, advertisements, and much more.

Plantin Font View

Plantin Font View Plantin Font View

Font Information

Name Plantin Font
Designer Fritz Stelzer
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Plantin Regular

Fonts Similar to Plantin Font

Circular Font

The typeface is a versatile typeface that may be used for both body content and graphic tasks. Long reading activities are made successful by their appearance, and their advanced features make it simple to understand complex literature. It could be used to create a webpage, a document, or a presentation.

DM Sans Font

This attractive font family has a lot of cutting-edge features, such as small capitals, hyphens, decimals, alternate letters, so in variations subtitles, and more.

Some other notable Fonts look similar to the Plantin Font.

  • Manrope Font
  • Satoshi Font
  • Garamond Font
  • Sabon Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with FF Kievit Font

Other Fonts

  • News Cycle Font

License Information

You may use this font design style for free for personal use. Without purchasing a license from the designer, you may not use this typeface for your business needs without paying any fees.


Is Plantin Font free?

No, you cannot use this typeface for free for your business purposes. It will stand out in the content design defiantly.

How should I use Plantin Font on my website for the best results?

Yes, you may enhance the beauty of your website design by adding this font.

Can I use a CSS file to import the font into the Plantin typeface?

Importing the Plantin Font into a CSS file is all it takes to produce beautiful website content.

Is a business license available for Plantin Font?

Free personal use of this font type is permitted, but commercial usage requires the purchase of a license.


This font type design may be downloaded very easily. To begin downloading, simply click the download icon below.


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