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Christian Robertson designed the Roboto Font which is the sans serif text style. The most popular alternative for usage in graphic designing, the font is also a wise idea to be used on websites as well as other digital channels.

Its compact size as well as simple style enable it incredibly readable on displays. The Font also has a large selection of characters, making it appropriate for usage in many various languages.

The typeface is perfect for usage in professional papers since it has a variety of exclamation points and attractive characters. A type map function in word documents may be used to acquire a variety of different symbols.

The font can be used on Canva and can produce graphics that are lovely. The design is a great option if users desire something that is fashionable and easy to understand.


There is a generator tool that you can utilize to create graphical theme patterns. It can be used for PowerPoint presentations, textile printing, and different publication projects. Also appropriate for poster logos, theme design, and video design.

Although it combines better with plain font found in this font group, the typeface is the better alternative for creating a unique style. Having a readable texture and a unique appearance, this typeface is attractive.

And it is perfect for logos, branding projects, homeware packaging, and all kinds of other lovely ventures that require an attractive look. Additionally, this typeface includes trendy glyphs and characters. The typeface will undoubtedly give your ideas more beautiful because of its lovely design.

Roboto Font View

Roboto Font View Roboto Font View

Font Information

Name Roboto Font
Designer Christian Robertson
Style Sans Serif
License Free for Personal Use

Font Family

  • Roboto Thin
  • Roboto Thin Italic
  • Roboto Light
  • Roboto Light Italic
  • Roboto Regular
  • Roboto Italic
  • Roboto Medium
  • Roboto Medium Italic
  • Roboto Bold
  • Roboto Bold Italic
  • Roboto Black
  • Roboto Black Italic
  • Roboto Condensed Light
  • Roboto Condensed Light Italic
  • Roboto Condensed
  • Roboto Condensed Italic
  • Roboto Condensed Bold
  • Roboto Condensed Bold Italic
  • Roboto Mono Thin
  • Roboto Mono Thin Italic
  • Roboto Mono Light
  • Roboto Mono Light Italic
  • Roboto Mono Regular
  • Roboto Mono Italic
  • Roboto Mono Medium
  • Roboto Mono Medium Italic
  • Roboto Mono Bold
  • Roboto Mono Bold Italic

Fonts Similar to Roboto Font

Centabel Book Font

The typeface may be used to create book covers, business names, and trademarks. The style is also great for branding initiatives, home furnishing schemes, and product bundling.

Futura Font

This is an amazing style to create personal projects for free and attract the viewer with your unique designs.

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to Roboto Font.

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Ostrich Sans and Sophisticated Slims Font is an amazing style to create designs.

Other Fonts

  • American Purpose Font
  • Ever After Font
  • Bradbury Sans Font

License Information

Commercial use of this font requires a license from its owner’s site since it is a paid font. Personal use is permitted without permission.


What is the generator tool of Roboto Font?

The service is available online, not as an application. By using this tool, you can turn simple text into a graphic.

What is the closest typeface to Roboto Font?

Several fonts that are similar to this font can be used to create similar designs, but the Centabel Book Font has a great alternative.

Can I Use Roboto Font on My Website?

Yes, it is possible to use Roboto Font on your website to make the design of your website more attractive.

Is Roboto Font a Free Font?

Roboto Font can be downloaded free for personal use, but the owner might require permission to use it commercially.


Click the download button below and utilize it on your operating system if you want it.


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