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About Rockwell Font

The Rockwell Font was created in 1934, by Monotype Corporation and overseen by Frank Hinman Pierpont. This font is under the category of the geometric slab serif texture family with a unique and clean texture look.  You may get it free from here and can be utilized on various types of designs, and tasks.

This font contains four basic weights Regular, Bold, Light, and extra bold. It includes various types of alphabet characters such as uppercase letters, numerals, digits, symbols, and punctuations. You may utilize this font for both CSS and adobe photoshops.

You may utilize this font with retoric font and create attractive projects. It has many other similar fonts are available on this website. The online generator tool of this typeface will help you to transform all your normal type of alphabet characters into stylish and trendy shapes.

It can be downloaded easily on this unique site, and the perfect choice for use on your both working systems PC and MAC.


Due to its creative and brilliant structures, it can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition to having an appealing appearance, this typeface can be used to design interesting logos. It may also be utilized for various software such as Adobe photoshops,  PowerPoint, Canva, and many more.

It is suitable for labeling, emojis, symbols, writing materials, industry cards, signage, advertising material, flyers, and invitation cards. You can combine this font with albertus font and create stunning projects.

There are a lot of different ways you can use this typeface, such as creating invitations or elegant banners, unique covers, game titles, and many other designs.

Rockwell Font View

Rockwell Font View Rockwell Font View



Font Information

Name Rockwell Font
Designer Monotype Corporation
Style Slab-Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Rockwell Light
  • Rockwell Light Italic
  • Rockwell Roman
  • Rockwell Bold
  • Rockwell Bold Italic
  • Rockwell Extra Bold
  • Rockwell Condensed
  • Rockwell Bold Condensed
  • Rockwell Italic

Fonts Similar to Rockwell Font

Memphis Font

The Memphis Font has both file formats that are free for all your fun tasks and procedures. You can create original graphic designs, posters, industrial sector designs, commercials, and movies.

Beton CG ExtraBold Font

This beautiful typeface is helpful for crafty symbols and memes. This lovely font is beneficial for several social media post designs. You can utilize this beautiful typeface for various quality card designs.

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to the Rockwell font.

  • Memphis Font
  • Beton Font
  • Stymie Font
  • Emy Slab Font
  • EF Stratford Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Unify Serif Font. The characters of this font are mostly alike, so the combination of these two fonts can make your design more professional.

Other Fonts

  • Providence font
  • Helvetica Font
  • Neuton Font
  • Times New Roman Font

License Information

For personal use, there is no need for a license. Commercial use however requires you to buy it or request permission from the author.


Is Rockwell a Microsoft font?

No! This font is not a Microsoft texture but you may easily download it free from here, after that you may extract it by using WinRAR or any other software and upload it on your Microsoft software.

What fonts are similar to Rockwell?

A similar font to this unique texture is little cowboy font. It has a neat and outstanding texture that is perfect for all your fun tasks and procedures.

What is the best font generator?

The online generator tool of this typeface will help you to transform all your normal type of alphabet characters into stylish and trendy shapes.

Is Rockwell a free font?

Users can download this typeface for free from our website for private use only. But if you want to use it commercially you have to buy it from the creator.

Is Rockwell a professional font?

This typeface has bold and strong characters which can give your resume a unique and attractive look. Rockwell is mainly used for headings because of its mono-weighted stroke. It has been officially used in official documentation so yes it is a professional font.

Is Rockwell a modern font?

This Font is a slab serif font that was stand out a little bit in old-fashioned as well as modern style, It is an awesome choice for symbols, broadsheets,s, and web designing.


The font is in zip format, but you can extract it by using WinRAR or another software program and use it in your projects later.


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