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About Segoe Ui Font

Wide sans-serif typeface series Segoe Ui Font is a popular choice for many Microsoft apps. This design was created by Monotype many years ago, but Microsoft now owns the trademark.

This beautiful typeface was created by American graphic artist Steve Matteson. The typeface series was created with the goal of producing a legible and intelligible typeface.

One of the components of this upgraded font family, Segoe UI, is well-known for being used in a number of Operating systems. There are no limits on how you may use this tool.

There are several variations of it, such as the Semilight, Semibold, Italic, etc. Additionally, this typeface was used in several online publications and resources.

Segoe Ui typeface is available for free download in TTF and OTF versions. Additionally, the Segoe Ui Font and arvo Font allow you to create a variety of exquisite Segoe App design and trademarks.


Segoe Ui is a legible and clear typeface that was created to increase text accessibility all around the world. This typeface was created by Monotype many years ago and has since been used in several Microsoft apps and services.

The several font variations, such as Semibold and Light, were also released with the advent of Windows 7. Later, several new weights like Black Italic and Black emerged with release of Windows 8.1. The best comparable Webfont substitutes for this design are the Open Sans and Fira Sans Book fonts.

As a result, this typeface with the playball font may be used on many mediums, especially online material. blogs, publications, advertising, and other places. It is customary for graphic artists to use this typeface.

Segoe Ui Font View

blank Segoe Ui Font View

Font Information

Name Segoe Ui Font
Designer Monotype
Style Sans-Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Segoe UI Light
  • Segoe UI Semi Light
  • Segoe UI Semi Light Italic
  • Segoe UI Italic
  • Segoe UI Regular
  • Segoe UI Semi Bold
  • Segoe UI Semi Bold Italic
  • Segoe UI Bold
  • Segoe UI Bold Italic
  • Segoe UI Gras
  • Segoe UI Gras Italique
  • Segoe UI Italic

Fonts Similar to Segoe Ui Font

Livvic Medium Font

Variety of designs can be formed with this typeface, including logos, captions, and web designs. Such as fashion magazines, books, newspapers, and product labelling, would assists from the use of this typeface.

Lunchtype21 Font

Users can create a very proficient logo, title, or branding. You’ll be able to make your headlines stand out by adding eye-catching characters. In this superb typeface, you can use both lowercase as well as uppercase letters.

Some other notable fonts that looks similar to the Segoe Ui font.

  • Helvetica Font
  • Homizio Bold Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Tajawal Font users can make beautiful content by using this text style in their tasks.

Other fonts

  • Myriad Pro Font

License Information

Microsoft is known for its iconic Segoe Ui. Additionally, you are welcome to use all variants of this typeface, both free and paid, for both professional and non-commercial purposes.


Segoe Ui Is It Free?

You may use this wonderful typeface for no cost in any of your projects. This typeface was originally licensed by Monotype, but eventually the two became no longer affiliated, and Microsoft took over. For any of your projects and creations, you are free to use the typeface.

Who Created the Segoe Ui?

This font was created by American font developer Steve Matteson. Additionally, Steve obtained this font in order to provide a warm and simple-to-read typeface, and it succeeds in doing so.

Can I use Segoe Ui on a Mac?

Only Windows users can access the typeface; Mac users are not able to.

How Do You Use Segoe Ui Font?

This is a sans serif font that was designed from the start to be comprehensible and accessible for writings. It is overly used in many Microsoft Windows and software. The typeface is available in several sizes and variations.


Segoe Ui typeface is freely accessible and cost-free. This typeface will be download and installed on your computer through the download link. The downloadable typeface can also be used in a variety of locations.


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