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About Southern Font

In this post, we are going to share with you a very attractive texture that is known as the name of Southern Font. It was developed by a famous graphic designer named Aditya Rezki Apriyasi and looks like a handwritten typeface family. You can get its free version from this source.

Due to its stylish and handwritten characters of the alphabet, it is gaining popularity day by day and is suitable for all your fun tasks and methods.

This font was published through Monotype corporation and contains up to 50 different glyphs with at least 150 unique characters such as small letters, capital letters, digits, symbols, signs, and punctuations.  Yan utilizes its online generator tool for converting all your simple and normal textures into stylish ones with modern shapes.

This font has amazing pairing quality, you can pair it with Tersely Font and make attractive projects. It is also suitable for CSS, Cdn, and adobe photoshops.


As a developer, you should choose the right font for your projects, and this outstanding typeface is perfect for all your fun designs, and methods. You may use it for T-shirt designs, wedding-related headings or titles, and jacket designs.

This font includes multiple types of weights like Regular and Bold. From Ultra-Light to Black, there are many different weights in each design.

This contemporary style can be used in promotions, book covers, party stages, and stage designs. It will make your project more attractive and stylish. So, you may utilize this font with multiple software like adobe photoshops, illustrator, picas, canva, and coral Draw.

Southern Font View

blank Southern Font View

Font Information

Name Southern Font
Designer Aditya Rezki Apriyasi
Style Handwritten
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Southern Regular
  • Southern Bold
  • Southern Italic

Fonts Similar to Southern Font

You can download some similar fonts to the Southern texture from here for all your simple and stylish purposes;

Bitter-Bold Font

You can download it free from here for all your private purposes. It contains unique types of characters. This font is available in regular styles and looks like a handwritten texture family.

Kadwa Bold Font

The Kadwa Bold Font is stylish, attractive, and slightly typeface. It included three weights and supports many international languages.

You can also see more similar fonts to this typeface.

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  • Gobold Extra2 Font
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  • oldPact Normal Font
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Font Pairings

This font can be compared with multiple other fonts such as:

With Sextan Bold Font: You can download and install it on your PC or Mac without any restrictions from here and it works well with Southern Font.

Pairing It with Gobold Extra1 Font: This font has outstanding pairing quality. You can pair it with many different fonts and make your projects more attractive.

License Information

This tremendous typeface is fully free for all personal use, But you must need to get a license of this typeface from the owner of this typeface.


What type of font is Southern Font?

The Southern Font has a stylish and attractive texture look appearance for visitors, you may utilize it for multiple types of projects where you want to use it.

Who is the most similar font to the Southern Font?

The most similar font to this typeface is Masterplan FontIt is suitable for all your secret and commercial purposes.

Can I utilize the Southern Font for free for commercial projects?

No! You can only utilize the Southern texture free for private purposes, for a commercial or huge level of design, you need to purchase its full version from the owner of this style.

Who designed the Southern Font?

It was developed by a famous graphic designer named Aditya Rezki Apriyasi and looks like a handwritten typeface family.


If you really like it and utilize this font on your projects, then just press the below button and get it on your PC or Mac without any security issues.


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