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Teachers Pet Font

About Teachers Pet Font

A famous type developer by the name of Tanya Davis created the Teachers Pet Font that was issued through Scrowleyfonts. The display style is the subcategory included in the font family that makes up this surface.

It consists of three styles with different characters of the alphabet set such as small letters, capital letters, digits, symbols, and punctuations. This font contains neat and modern shapes of elements.

It produces amazing results when combined this font with Labil Grotesk Font.  This lovely texture’s online generator tool is perfect for transforming all plain surfaces into contemporary characters. Whatever project you want to use it in, the copy-and-paste future is ideal.

Additionally, this font may pair well with Ventography Font, and create excellent projects of quality when combined with that font.


Due to its display texture family, you may utilize this font for different projects such as printings, email templates, social media posts, advertisements, and many more.

It is usually utilized for creating different types of card designs like invitation cards, business cards, wedding cards, office cards, and birthday cards. This font is also suitable for making youtube thumbnails, video editing, social media posts, banners, and much more purposes.

It can be downloaded on your PC or Mac without any security concerns in both OpenType and Truetype file formats. You can download it free from here and can be utilized this style for all your secret and commercial purposes.

Teachers Pet Font View

blank Teachers Pet Font View

Font Information

Name Teachers Pet Font
Designer Tanya Davis
Style Display
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Teachers Pet bold
  • Teachers Pet Regular
  • Teachers Pet Italic

Fonts Similar to Teachers Pet Font

From here, you can download many similar fonts to the Teachers Pet Font such as;

OldPact Normal Font

The OldPact Normal typeface is a mixture between mono fonts and sans slab, with regular details. It has a unique future and is suited for display and branding projects.

Pink Sans 130 Font

This unique typeface consists of numerous different types of weights. You can use it for creating social media posts, flags, promotions, and many more.

Gobold Extra1 Font

It is a pretty display typeface and is ideal for logo designs, headlines, content projects, web layouts, and many more.

You can also see more similar fonts to this typeface.

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Font Pairings

The pairing quality of this typeface is special and can be compared with numerous other fonts such as;

With Belgrano Font: It is appropriate for web page tasks and is available in different types of weights and styles. You can easily use it with multiple display styles.

Pairing it with Pulp Fiction Font: This modern and stylish, display typeface is similar to this typeface. You can use both these two fonts together.

With Fira Sans Font: It has great pairing quality, you can pair it with different other types of fonts and make good-looking designs. It is the perfect choice for you.

License Information

For your commercial-type projects, you will have to purchase its license. However, you can use it fully free without any sort of restrictions.


What is Teachers Pet Font used for?

You can utilize this font for many purposes. It usually uses for social media marketing, logo design, Instagram bio description, email templates, and many other projects.

Is Teachers Pet Font free?

Yes! It is free for all your personal goals, and you can also be utilized it for your business projects but for that, you should buy its full performance from the author of this font.

Is Teachers Pet Font a good font?

Yes! It is a good and stunning font with a special texture look impression. You must keep using it on your projects.

What Google font is similar to Teachers Pet Font?

A similar font of this attractive texture is Oxida Font. It has an awesome texture look built for the viewers.


You can easily download it free from here for all your secret purpose. If you want to utilize it on your projects, then just press the below button and get it on your PC or Mac.


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