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About Titanic Font

The font utilized by the Titanic movie is called “Trajan Bold.” This font was created in 1989 by Carol Twombly and released by Linotype.

James Cameron, a well-known American writer, and director wrote and directed the 1997 romantic, dramatic, and disaster movie Titanic. This font is also paired with the rockwell font.

Its size makes it ideal for space-saving, and its display characteristics make it an attractive choice. Both OTF and TTF file types are supported. Also, every set of small capitals and glyphs supports many languages. All the information about this font is available in the given table section.


In the world of design, this elegant typeface has various applications. This typeface can be used for display designs as well as other text designs. The designer can use it to produce eye-catching themes for various blogs as well as poster and banner designs for websites. You can pair it with the combination of house of death font.

This fascinating typeface can also be used to create labels, t-shirt designs, postcard designs, and for video game editing. Its generator tool is available for use. The ideal use of this interesting typeface is HD pictures and product packaging.

The perfect applications that can make with this elegant typeface are branding campaigns, article designs, pamphlet layouts, and thematic designs. There are many typefaces that resemble the typeface however the sketch 3D typeface is the most popular alternative.

Titanic Font View

Titanic Font Titanic Font

Font Information

Name Titanic Font
Designer Carol Twombly
Style Movies
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Trajan Normal
  • Trajan Regular
  • Trajan Pro
  • Trajan Pro Regular
  • Trajan’s Caps Condensed
  • Trajan’s Caps Condensed Italic
  • Trajan’s Caps Extended
  • Trajan’s Caps Extended Bold Italic
  • Trajan’s Caps Extended Normal
  • Trajan’s Caps
  • Trajan’s Caps Italic
  • Trajan’s Caps Normal

Fonts Similar to Titanic Font

Splatch Font

Whether you are designing headlines, logos, or other display items, this typeface will serve you well. It is utilized by many developers while creating software and apps.

Jackpot Font

Its display features make it an interesting option for logos, packaging, and posters that require a display. Create interesting designs, covers, shop and store names, and logos with the typeface.

Some other notable Fonts that looks similar to the Titanic Font.

  • Jackpot Sweep Font
  • Caterpillar Font
  • Amhole Font
  • Old Figaro Cursive Font
  • Hungry Caterpillar Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Action Jackson Font

Other Fonts

  • Despicable Me Font

License Information

For personal use only, this typeface is free. To use this lettering style for commercial purposes, you must buy its license.


Which font has been used in Titanic Movie?

Trajan Bold font has been used in the Titanic movie If you need an attractive and clean typeface for your project, this style is a great option.

Where can I use the Titanic Font?

You can use this typeface for headlines and other purposes, you can do so. Regular, italic and many weights are available in this typeface.

What type of font is Titanic Font?

It is a fancy typeface. Simple and modern type styles are popular today. Create interesting designs, covers, shop and store names, and logos with the typeface.

Is Titanic Font free to use?

For private use the typeface is free but if you want to use it for business purposes you need to buy its license.


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