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About Upright Font

Today we are providing a free version of the Upright font, which was developed by Christian Thalmann with geometric styles. The font family for this typeface is under the category of the basic serif typeface family. It was released in the nineteenth century through the Inland Typefoundry in St. Louis.

It has a lot of similar textures but the cormorant upright texture is the closest style. It is available on the google fonts store. This style will increase the readability and understanding quality of your project. The typographic of the upright font has traditional and has basic elements of the serif font family.

It includes four different styles, like, Upright brush Upright regular, Upright grunge, & Upright bold. You can compare it with Spotify font and make outstanding projects.

The online generator tool of this typeface will help you to make elegant and urgent projects. This typeface has both file formats Open type and True typeface. You can also utilize its copy-and-paste function in any type of your design.


Due to its neat and clean texture look impression, you can utilize it for numerous projects. The upright font is best for CSS and adobe photoshops. You can utilize it for making banners, posters, advertisement purposes, and logo designs.

This typeface can also be utilized for product packing, different types of social media posts, magazines, branding, and many other purposes.

You can also utilize this style in combination with the blueberry sans font. If you want to detect your clients’ engagement. It can be used for titles, thumbnails, blog post writing, poster designs, and body text designs.

Upright Font View

Upright Font View Upright Font View

Font Information

Name Upright Font
Designer Christian Thalmann
Style Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • UprightBold
  • Upright Brush
  • Upright Regular
  • Upright grunge

Fonts Similar to Upright Font

If you want to download some other font that is relative or similar to this typeface, so you can easily get multiple fonts from here.

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The Rotis Serif Font consists of 4 styles (Semi Serif, Sans Serif font, Serif, and Semi Serif) and includes special characters of the alphabet set such s uppercase, lowercase, numeric, functions, symbols, signs, and different others.

Some other special fonts look comparable to this typeface.

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Font Pairings

The upright style has a clean and eye-catching texture look. It has many amazing pairing qualities, you can compare many different fonts with this typeface.

Pairing it with PlumBDE Font: It is a simple and eye-catching typeface. This font is perfect for pairing functions and if you need a more modern look to your designs then use this typeface with upright style.

Pairing it with Pea Nicki Font: You can download and install it on your PC or Mac without any restrictions from here and it works well with upright texture.

With KG Hope For A Cure Font: When you will use this two-font in your designs then it will improve the readability of your projects and make your designs easier to read and understandable.

With Fetch Font: This font is best for titles and heading, and it contains deco and regular styles. It has amazing paring quality with an upright typeface.

License Information

If you want to use this tremendous font for your commercial tasks, then you will have to buy its license from the owner of this typeface. However, this typeface is free for personal use.


What is Upright Font?

This typeface was designed by Christian Thalmann with geometric styles. The font family for this typeface is under the category of the basic serif typeface family.

How can we learn Upright Font?

This typeface was designed to type in the text and turn it into this typeface. There is no documentation for this font, so you can easily understand it.

How can we download Upright Font?

You can see the link provided on this page. Simply click on the Download button and download it in a zip file setup.

Is Upright font a free font?

It is free for personal designs, but you have to buy its license for commercial usage.


You can easily get it from her for any type of project. You should try it on your designs, just press the below button and get its zip file on your PC or Mac without any security issues.


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