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3strands Font
Version 1.01 - April 2002
Urhixidur Fonts
Daniel U. Thibault
3Strands.ttf VERSION 1.01 READ ME 27 April 2002 Daniel U. Thibault [email protected] This is a freeware alien font. It looks somewhat like if someone had dipped three worms in ink and had them race each other on the paper. It looks best printed (300+ dpi) or at large screen sizes (24+ pt). The basic concept is thus: using this font, you generate lines of "text" that look like a continuous braid of three strands that sometimes split or merge, turn around, stop and start, and weave in front of or behind each other. This simple principle turns out to be very rich in possibilities --I could not squeeze all the possible glyphs in the printable character set. For proper results, each "word" (string of characters terminated by a blank on either side) should be enclosed in any of the following pairs of characters: Opening characters: ( < [ {
NOTIFICATION OF LICENSE AGREEMENT This typeface is the property of Daniel U. Thibault and its use by you is covered under the terms of a license agreement. You may freely copy and distribute this typeface --in fact, you may not charge a fee for doing so-- as long as it has not been tampered with (for conversions to other formats, contact me). You may not copy parts of this typeface (such as glyph contours) without including an acknowledgement in the finished product. You may use this typeface in a finished product (printed matter; electronic image; multimedia, television or cinematographic work of some kind) as long as an acknowledgement is included. All I ask for is recognition.

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