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Berlin Sans FB Font

About Berlin Sans FB Font

Berlin Sans FB Font is a creative typeface, which was designed by David Berlow. This font, which is part of The Font Bureau collection of typefaces, is a versatile sans serif typeface with a variety of weights and styles. It has an elegant, modern look with a subtle nod to the traditional forms of German typography.

In addition, it supports a variety of languages and international character sets, making it perfect for global branding applications. The design of the Berlin Sans FB font was based on the classic Grotesk sans serif model, which dates back to the 19th century. However, it has a more contemporary typeface that increases its popularity day by day.

Because of the large number of families, and weightage from thin to heavy, They are perfect for any type of your project. And you can also use the online generator tool to use this typeface in your project.


Berlin Sans FB is a great choice for corporate identities, branding, logos, packaging, and other uses because its straightforward letterforms are easy to read and its details are delicate, yet distinctive. This typeface has a large family of fonts, with eight weights ranging from Thin to Heavy, and five italics in each weight. It also has six variants, including a condensed, a wide, a black, a rounded, and a display version.

This typeface is a perfect typeface for large-size design projects for example Branding or used Banner design, Brochure design, etc. It’s a Display typeface so they increase its popularity because of its bold style. It is suitable for use in Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

And this typeface is not available on google font library, but you can easily download this typeface from our website and use it in your different design projects. You can also use this typeface in online design platforms like Canva.

Berlin Sans FB Font View

Berlin Sans FB Font Berlin Sans FB Font

Font Information

Name Berlin Sans FB font
Designer David Berlow
Style Sans Serif
Type TTF
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Berlin Sans FB
  • Berlin Sans FB Bold
  • Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold

Fonts Similar to Berlin Sans FB Font

Brush Script MT Font

Brush Script MT F0ont is a Script typeface That has been designed by Robert E. Smith in 1942. This font contains 4 different styles Regular, medium, Italic, and bold style. this font has beautiful strokes that make the design perfect.

Algerian Font

Algerian Font is one of the perfect typefaces that has been designed by Philip kelly and Alan Meeks. The Solid black version of this typeface is more decorative and uses designers for your design projects.

Some other notable fonts that look similar to Berlin Sans FB Font

Font Pairings

Muli Black font is a font that goes well with Berlin Sans FB font.

Other Font

  • Nougat font

License Information

if you can use this typeface for commercials so first research its license. But for personal you can easily download it from our website.


What type of font is Berlin Sans FB?

Berlin Sans FB is a Sans serif creative typeface, that has been designed by David Berlow. This font is a part of The Font Bureau collection of typefaces.

Is Berlin Sans FB font a Free Font?

Yes, it’s a free typeface for personal projects only, for commercial or promotional projects first research its license.

Is Berlin Sans FB a Safe font?

If can download this typeface from our website so we ensure that this font type is 100% safe and secure. you can install it on any of your devices.

What font is similar to Berlin Sans FB font?

If you are looking at its character styles so there are many typefaces that are closest to this typeface such as brush script MT font, blue highway font, and Algerian font.


This typeface is a free typeface for a personal project you can easily download it by clicking simply the below download button.


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