Below you can see glyphs glypha lt 65 bold oblique font. You can download this web font for free. Just click to "Download" button. Font has bold italic style. Also you can download related fonts: Glypha Lt 55 Oblique, Glypha Lt 55 Roman, Glypha Lt 65 Bold, Glypha Lt 65 Bold Oblique. Share glypha lt 65 bold oblique font with your friends!

Glypha Lt 65 Bold Oblique Font
Version 6.1; 2002
The digitally encoded machine readable outline data for producing the Typefaces provided as part of your laser printer is copyrighted (c) 1981 Linotype All Rights Reserved. This data is the property of Linotype and may not be reproduced, used, displayed, modified, disclosed or transferred without the express written approval of Linotype.

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