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Menrath Antiqua Font
Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 11/12/98
(c)1998 jbriggs/
fontage canada
Joanna Briggs/H. Sebastian Menrath
Based on the handwriting of the illustrious and elusive spoon collector H. Sebastian Menrath, Menrath Antiqua lets you have the opportunity to get closer to the man and the legend. Drawn by Menrath. Fonted by Joanna Briggs. Visit the official web site of online spoonage: Or, of Canadian fontage:
This font is freeware. For a complete character set, contact [email protected] Please do not redistribute, copy or manipulate this font in any way. If you use this font for commercial purposes, please email [email protected] just to let us know (it makes us (and H. Sebastian Menrath) happy). Failure to comply with these simple instructions will lead to death by spoons.

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