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Mtf Base Dash Leafy Font
Version 1.00 October 15, 2007, initial release
MTF Base Dash Leafy
Tina Raparanta a.k.a. MissTiina
This font was created using FontCreator 5.5 from
Thank you for downloading this font created by Tina Raparanta.????Terms of use:????PLEASE DO NOT redistribute this font on any groups??or otherwise, even if it was given to you by me as a freebie. ??If your friends want to know where you got this font, you can ??send them to or you??can have them email me at [email protected] if the font is no??longer available on either of the above sites.????As a user of this font, you are free to use, modify and??display the font and its images as you wish subject to certain restrictions as listed:????* You are free to incorporate the font and its images into your own original??art work and publish, display or distribute your work in any media,??galleries, forums, blogs, providing that you include credit to the??source of the elements as "Font Designed By Miss Tiina".????* You are NOT free to claim the font or any of its images as your own,??or use the font or any of its images in commercial designs that you??may or may not profit from without permission from me first.????All fonts and images and content Copyright

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