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Musi Qwik B Font
Version 3.40
Designed by an amateur: Free, and worth it!
Robert Allgeyer (Santa Cruz, CA USA)
MusiQwik is a special-purpose music notation font that may be used in word processing documents, or embedded in PDF. Once you see its character map, it will be obvious how the font is used. The span of tones is from A3 to A5 on the treble clef. This includes the typical human singing range (octave down for most male voices). Use MusiQwik with a 16-column magnifying character map utility, with the space in the leftmost column. If you do, then the notes will be aligned in columns by tone. A3 is at left, then B3, C4, D4, etc. to A5 in the next to last right column. For some notes, the rightmost column contains an alternative for the B4 note (stem up, rather than down). Tricks for using MusiQwik: (1) Accidentals (sharp, flat, natural) precede the body of a note, and are to be selected from the same column as the note. (2) Dots follow the body of a note, and are to be selected from the same column. However, there is no special dot for the alternative B4 notes, as they are not necessary. On 1/8 notes with stems upwards, the flags overhang the following cursor position, so permit insertion of a dot. If you are not using a dot on such notes, insert a section of blank staff (equal sign on keyboard). (3) Fermatas and ties are "zero cursor width" symbols. These overhang the symbols that follow them. There are several ties of various lengths, either above or below the staff. The fermata is available at two heights above the staff, none below. (4) To use the blank fret, place it on a line of text separate from the staff. You will need to fill in finger positions manually. (5) This font cannot do everything. Music publishing is done using special programs intended for that purpose, not just a font.
Free public license. May be freely redistributed. This font is offered AS-IS with NO WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, and no support. USER ACCEPTS ALL RISK OF USE.

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