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Musi Tone Font
Version 2.00
Designed by an amateur: Free, and worth it!
Robert Allgeyer (Santa Cruz, CA USA)
MusiTone may be used to insert a small amount of music notation in word processing documents. Although complex notation can be created with MusiTone, it is not a substitute for a music publishing application. MusiTone constructs notation from elements that are superposed. Most characters do not move the cursor. For example, the following sequence will construct a dotted eighth note at pitch A4 sharp: sharp accidental for A4, staff segment, solid note-head for A4, staff segment, stem for A4, flag for A4, dot for A4, staff segment. The font looks best at point size 20 or 30, with smoothing on, and document size 100%. It may be embedded in documents. However, be aware that interpretation of the characters may vary among systems, applications, or printers. Do not rely on the MusiTone font for important uses. MusiTone Bold is special: In this font, every character moves the cursor. It separates the notation into its components. If your word processor allows you to toggle between regular and bold font styles with a single button, then you will be able to de-bug your notation more easily. More detailed information regarding use of these fonts is contained in the notes that accompany the original distribution.
Terms: Free public license. DISCLAIMER: This font is offered AS-IS, NO WARRANTIES, USER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF USE. This font may be used, embedded, converted, installed, re-engineered, or modified by users who accept the above terms. It may be re-distributed, in its original or altered form, to other users who accept the above terms, provided that the license terms are left intact, and that the original font creator is acknowledged.

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