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Nimbus Sans Font

About Nimbus Sans Font

Nimbus Sans Font is a sans serif style on the website, you can download the free version of this style so you can utilize it without purchasing it. It has a clean texture appearance with great readability. This sans serif font is designed by a well-known font-making studio named URW Studio. You can download this font in OTF and TTF file versions from this source.

Medium thickness is ideal for body text, while more impactful editions highlight info or highlight headings or details. Such visually rational models are planned to blend perfectly with respectively diverse. This typeface is very similar to the gill sans font.

The typeface has been used in a variety of types of designs for many reasons. Your simple designs will look bold and stylish with them. Due to its extra bold characters, it works well for titles and headings of various types of websites, blogs, web pages, and personal text documents.


So, whether you’re designing a party celebration invite, this font is a tremendous choice. You can use this attractive typeface for crafting unique business cards and website titles.

Several designers use this typeface for generating movie artworks and book covers. It’s highly readable at large sizes but still retains its personality at smaller text sizes. This font also supports multiple languages. This font is highly readable and perfect for any project.

You can also use this font in designing software like Adobe photoshop, Canva, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This typeface is normally used for making captions, brief idioms, and labels. The typeface has come to be an iconic style it has a beautiful design. It’s often used for branding and publicity and marketing purposes. You can also make your designs more eye-catchy by pairing its characters with other sans-serif typefaces like arial font.

You can also utilize this typeface for developing invitations, blog designs, advertising outlines, branding, notebook outline, artwork, card designs, unique events, birthday card designs, pillow designs, mug designs, and so on.

Nimbus Sans Font View

Nimbus Sans Font View Nimbus Sans Font View

Font Information

Name Nimbus Sans Font
Designer URW Studio
Style Sans Serif
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Nimbus Sans Light
  • Nimbus Sans Light Italic
  • Nimbus Sans Regular
  • Nimbus Sans Italic
  • Nimbus Sans Bold
  • Nimbus Sans Bold Italic
  • Nimbus Sans Black
  • Nimbus Sans Black Italic
  • Nimbus Sans Cond
  • Nimbus Sans Cond Bold
  • Nimbus Sans Cond Black
  • Nimbus Sans Extended Light
  • Nimbus Sans Extended Bold
  • Nimbus Sans Extended Black
  • Nimbus Sans D Ultra-Light
  • Nimbus Sans D Light
  • Nimbus Sans D Light Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Regular
  • Nimbus Sans D Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Bold
  • Nimbus Sans D Bold Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Black
  • Nimbus Sans D Black Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Light
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Light Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Regular
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Bold
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Bold Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Black
  • Nimbus Sans D Cond Black Italic
  • Nimbus Sans D Ext Light
  • Nimbus Sans D Ext Regular
  • Nimbus Sans D Ext Bold
  • Nimbus Sans D Ext Black
  • Nimbus Sans D Diagonal
  • Nimbus Sans Stencil D
  • Nimbus Sans D Outline Black Ext
  • Nimbus Sans D Outline Bold
  • Nimbus Sans D Initials Bold
  • Nimbus Sans L Light
  • Nimbus Sans L Light Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Regular
  • Nimbus Sans L Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Bold
  • Nimbus Sans L Bold Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Black
  • Nimbus Sans L Black Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Light
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Light Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Regular
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Bold
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Bold Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Black
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Black Italic
  • Nimbus Sans L Cond Extra Black

Fonts Similar to Nimbus Sans Font

Swiss 721 Font

Because of its texture and tough letters, the typeface was used for numerous applications. It’s an amazing typeface for commercials, artwork for films, and other cinematic banners.

Pragmatica Font

This is a fun and joyful typeface that is sure to add some excitement to your next design project. So, you should have tried it and had fun.

Below we have listed a few more similar fonts to Nimbus Sans font.

  • Helvetica Font
  • Arial Font
  • Rhizome Font
  • Belleza Font
  • Rhizome Font

Font Pairings

Pairing it with Plasma Font.

Other Font

  • Koran Font

License Information

In case you need to utilize it for computerized, printing, and official ventures at that point no need to buy its certification and utilize its all highlights for your purposes.


Is  Nimbus Sans a free font?

It is a free font that has no limitations for any kind of usage whether it is for personal or commercial projects.

What font is similar to Nimbus Sans?

It has simple and little condensed characters which belong to sans-serif fonts. The number of fonts in this category is identical to this font, but helvetica font has the most similarities with this font.

Who designed Nimbus Sans?

This sans-serif font is designed by a well-known typography-producing studio named URW studio.

Is it safe to use the Nimbus Sans text style on my PC and Mac?

We assure you that it is secure to download and introduce the text style on your devices.

How can I download the Nimbus Sans font?

You can download the Nimbus Sans font by clicking on the download button from the download section of our website.

What kind of textual style is Nimbus Sans?

This gorgeous typeface has a place in the category of a san’s serif font.

What may be the Nimbus Sans Font generator?

It is a tool that makes a transformation for its customer to change over their simple and easy content into a unique style.


You’ll download this text style from our site. it’s not too much trouble to tap on the download button stated below.


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