About Us

Hello, as a graphic designer, you are aware that creating a masterpiece design you have to work on minor details. For creating the design, the involvement of the typography matters a lot.

For my designs, I have to utilize a number of fonts of different categories that suits my designs. But regrettably, I am unable to find the right font that suits my designs. Because the majority of formatting is very hard to find on online platforms.

So, for that purpose, I have decided to create a platform that has a number of rare and famous fonts. Where you can easily find the right font for your astonishing designs.

On this platform font, designers can also upload their fonts and when their fonts have been utilized by the designers, they can also appreciate those fonts and also give the credit to the font designers.

We have characterized the classifications of Sans-Serif, Display, Calligraphy, Script, Fancy, etc. You can easily select the font according to your professional or creative projects.

The fonts available on our website are not limited to Windows users, but for MAC as well. Our main objective is to provide free fonts that you can easily download without any need of spending money.

As we have mentioned before, if you are a font designer you can submit your exquisite typography, and we can make it live, so the world can see your work and give your credit. If you are inspired by our efforts do support us by sharing our website on social media or with your friends, we will appreciate that. Thank You! For visiting our platform.