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Bickham Script mm Font

About Bickham Script MM Font

Richard Lipton designed Bickham Script MM Font this classic font can be used to create beautiful calligraphic designs that will enhance your projects efficiently. Many enterprises are using this font for different projects.

The letters of this font, have a very sleek look there are few characters in every letter of this style that has the right height, width, and idealized space between the letters. The design of this font makes this lettering style an incredible choice for dynamic plans. This font is very close to the serial killer font.

This typeface is commonly used by graphic designers and advertising agencies. A stylish website can be created with this font imported into a CSS file.


In addition to reports, quotes, social media posts, logo designs, greeting cards, wedding cards, and art designs, this font style can be used in posters, banners, and posters. It is a calligraphic typeface that has simple, modern, and classic design.

In addition to reports, quotes, social media posts, logo designs, greeting cards, wedding cards, and art designs, this font style can be used in posters, banners, and posters. You can easily compare this font with the neuzeit grotesk font.

The designer of this typeface created this style to create the best project designs possible. Also, you can use this font style when creating labels, watermarks, and modern advertisements.

Bickham Script MM Font View

Bickham Script mm Font View

Font Information

Name Bickham Script MM Font
Designer Richard Lipton
Style Script
License Free for personal use

Font Family

  • Bickham Script MM Regular

Fonts Similar to Bickham Script MM Font

Jaime blues Font

It is appropriate for marketing project purposes. It is used by many YouTubers to produce more visually appealing game videos and personalized vlogs. The package deal covers everything in every scenario, so it’s a complete package.


It is ideal to use when creating fascinating web design ideas, pamphlet designs, etc. There are a ton of applications for such a font, this typeface can be used to create stunning design ideas for a variety of businesses.

Some other notable Fonts that look similar to the Bickham Script MM Font.

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Font Pairings

You can easily be pairing this font with PenPoster Font or other similar fonts.

Other Font

  • Karmina Font

License Information

Licenses for this font are available for purchase on the font owner’s website. After that, it is suitable for all business needs.


What kind of Bickham Script MM Font?

This is a calligraphic style and the designer is Richard Lipton. It has a unique style that will make your projects amazing.

Is Bickham Script MM Font free for commercials?

You must purchase a license from a creator to use typeface commercially. It is free for private use.

Where can we use Bickham Script MM Typeface?

You can use this typeface for a wide range of designs, including logos, artwork, brands, fashion, websites and blogs, theme designs, and visiting cards.

Is Bickham Script MM Typeface safe to use and download on my PC?

PC and MAC users can download this font it is safe to use and there are no harmful effects on your system.


For personal use, you can download this typeface. To download this font quickly, click on the download button below.


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