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If you are looking for a typeface with which you want to create a logo for your seafood restaurant or maritime logo, then we present you an amazing typeface that is called Sea Font. This quirky shape typeface belongs to the Handwritten family and provided as free for personal designs or projects only.

The characteristic of the typeface is that it has influence of the sea and its characters designed by keeping in mind of sea water or under water. Its characters seem like they are under the water or they are floating on the water.

Sea Font

The Sea Font basically has a Nautical or maritime theme which is great for maritime based logo or other fancy designs projects. The typeface was designed by Best Font.

The typeface contains on OTF and TTF features which means you can resize or rescale it without losing its original quality and make some new gorgeous typefaces as well.

Sea Font

The shape of the typeface characters seems like waves, creatures under the waters like fishes and sea horses. Its characters contain Uppercase and Lowercase, Numbers and Numerals, and basic symbols etc.

If you want to make your projects or design more attractive then you have pair this font style
with other unique typefaces such as Futura font that you can also get from our website.


Applications of Sea Font

Sea Font has many applications and features and fits with all kinds of designs and projects because it is versatile & easy to use. One of the key benefits of utilizing the typeface is that it makes a logo more gorgeous and put in adorable sense throughout a design.

For example, if you are intending to create a logo for your seafood restaurant or nautical then you can use the character of Sea food as the Logo name and use other elements like illustration of Fish and Sea.


Moreover, you can utilize this typeface on other designs like, Mug printing designs, T-shirt designs, Art & Illustration, Posters, Banners, Brochures, Nautical or Maritime logos and much more. This font style has unique glyphs that looking very similar to the Desert Dog Hmk font.

By picking right Sea font for your design projects, you can help set the quality and design an unforgettable visual experience for your clients or audience. You can download the typeface immediately by clicking on the download button and feel free to use it on your MAC or PC.

Download Now

If you want to use this font in your upcoming projects, download zip file by clicking on below mentioned download button.


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